Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BOOP BOOP BOOP!!! Update before Adepticon

Last night sucked ass at work so no painting for me. Something broke and it made the last part of my day pretty terri-bad. I didn't work on any cartoons or anything else. The only good thing is I built a 10 man Iron Warriors squad to go with the Rhino I did and pictured below. Woohoo.

So right now I need to get a crap ton of rhinos for my future 2 armies. Blargh!!! 2 more for the Iron Warriors and 5 for the Grey Knights army I initially built. I might drop some to make some foot stuff - but for right now I need em! So you can see what I am going for when I hit Adepticon. Look out trade bins - I am on the prowl. Beyond that I plan on buying 2 sets of Autocannon arms for my Psyflemen Dreads (FU YOU KIRBY!!! I like that name now...). Look for lists next week when I get back and start really going into terrible list building. I think I am one of the few ones that just loves tons of powered armored Dick heads on the table top.

The list I am playing at Adepticon should go up on Bols sometime soon so look for more cries of WAAC, asshole, or whatever else people want to say about it. There are not razorbacks, one normal Long Fang squad and one weird one and lots of other things. I kinda wish I could fit in a Wolf Scout squad but 1850 makes me mad. MAD!!! Can't wait till we go back to 2000 points and I can feel safe and sound like a new born kitten clawing someone's eyes out. ARRROOOO!!!

I don't know what I am going to play for the Alamo - I need to pay for it first - but it might be Grey Knights or Iron Warriors. Those two only. I don't feel like throwing anything else down as those are the two armies I want to play. Iron warriors because - it is Dreadnoughts and Dreadnoughts kick ass and Grey Knights cuz I like pretty new things.

Right now these are the things I am going to paint no matter what for the Iron Warriors. Things might change later on but these are for sure!

Ostrich Dread
10 Man Ass Squad
10 Man Ass Squad

Those are for sure. I might tweak the army and get more troops or something else. Who the hell knows. I am just crazy at times haha. And no Sang Priest. Don't make sense and they can suck my butt. F EM!!! I might drop Death Company cuz I don't want to do another Death Company dread. So will see.

Grey Knights are looking at me painting lots of regular dudes. I think I need 6 boxes of regular guys and then whatever I can think up for Henchmen. I got some IG stuff laying around too so this should be fun. Crazy chained up Psykers too. I just have to hope that there isn't any Grey Knight Storm Ravens.

So that is it - will show some painted stuff I have done so far and get ready for Adepticon. After I get back look for Orks, More Orks, more Necromunda, some Iron Warriors and the start of my Grey Knights. Woohoo!!!


Shawn Lowrey said...

Good luck, man.

Cloudhammer said...

have fun dude, and I am soo jealous of the Dread with the halberd arm, I wish i had more monies to get some :(

Lykum said...

I'm getting an Akira vibe from that Rhino. Nice work.

Lykum said...

I'm getting an Akira vibe from that Rhino. Nice work.

Unknown said...

Fantastic paint job on those Iron Warriors - how do you achieve that weathered metal effect, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks.