Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woohoo Wargames/Bolscon is done

I am tired as hell and catching up on stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. So look for the coming weeks to see more of a whirlwind of drawing, painting, and other game thoughts. So there - and I am preparing ideas for Ard Boyz. Lord I hate that name.

So let's see - what I want to paint these last few days.

Vindicare - built and primed
Ven dread - built and primed

9 Metal Death Korps - built and primed
3 Test FW guys - built and primed
Build the other FW guys

Extra CSM stuff to tweak and build

Michael S
Start the other orkie flyers

Plastic Dudesmen X 2 - Done!
Other small art - DONE!

I am off to Schiltterbahn this Thursday so my time this week might be hampered. I need to do an art bag too so that will take up some time. Hell I did a ton of art bags this weekend during WarGames - (25 total). Pics below of some of em. Beyond that I worked on writing up lists and other things which will pop up later. Just wanted to make sure peeps knew I was still alive.

I am trying to think of the next army I want to paint up for myself and it is between Webway Dark Eldar or Big Bug Tyranids. What do you think? Two lists that are not super competitive but should be fun. I got most of the parts for both of them too. I guess it depends on what I feel like painting after the silver wave of Grey Knight nonsense I've been doing.


And some art.

And some minis.

Look for Ard Boyz lists in a day or two. WOOHOO!

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Unknown said...

That crying angel is epic man, just epic... Im going to start SoB, buy a new bag just to have you draw that on it!