Sunday, July 31, 2011

AROOGA! Sunday Sunday Sunday

Are you guys excited about Ard Boyz? Me eh - I get to play in it this year so that is cool with me. Obviously I am throwing down the Knights. Most likely it will be Knights for the rest of this year until I feel like painting something else. I keep wanting to make Tyrannofexes (sold one) so I might be messing with that. See if I can get some Carnifexes on the cheap. Add a tube to the top - green stuff and magic and viola I got me a Fex to test out. I got the 9 Hive Guard I need too. Woot! But will deal with that if I ever start building the army.

Real quick add on - My friend Rob Baer - the owner of Spikey Bits is having a bits sale. All bits items are 20% OFF (yes, you read right, Bits 20% OFF). Just type the code Bits20OFF in the promotion code field when you check out and BAM! bits on the cheap!

This week is just more client work. Orks, marines, and maybe if I get far enough ahead some of my own stuff. I've already started today too.

1 or 2 Grey Knights to fill out units
Plastic Dudesmen #21 - DONE
Plastic Dudesmen #22 - Script there - need to draw

Michael N
6 Nob Bikerz - Primed and ready to go - might get done tonight
6 Regular Bikerz - in pieces

Michael B
Assault Squad X 10 - Finished today!
Tact Squad X 10 - Need to base and prime

Luis P
FW Batch of 6 guys - Done today!
FW Batch of 6 guys - in pieces - plan on building tonight
FW Batch of 5 guys - in pieces

Steve M
Ork Flyer - Small - Start the build
Ork Flyer Base - Get it stuck on the base right - so it works. Got all the pieces just trying to get it to work

Jens K
Build 10 Fiends - Pics of design down below - I wish I had come up with them before I did the ones I have now. Bastards!

Randy Mora
Build out some Malifaux stuff to try and finish off.

Big Red
Maybe some Khador stuff if I get the top mostly done. - Pikemen.

Beyond all of this I am working on lists and more lists. Fun stuff as usual. I still want to work on my comic book idea but will have to wait on that for a bit as well as my own game thoughts. Still rumbling around in my head.

I tested out the Inquisitor/Monkey group in Chimera and didn't like it. Still on the fence about the Vindicare. I tried it out - it did some stuff (sniped the Librarian after popping it out of the LR) but still it makes me wonder if it is worth it. The dreads always do good and the crazy Purifier assault squads are awesome. I am wondering if just a massive amount of purifiers are worth it. Just fill out all the slots and go for broke. It is an idea and I think it might be doable for Ard Boyz. It just means I have to make more guys. Means I might only have one Tech Marine to give me an anti death star unit. But shit I am sure you are tired of Grey Knights.

I might make an Iron Warriors/Mephiston for my Iron Warriors group. Go with something nutty so I can play that army. I have only thrown it down once so it calls to me with its ostrich dreads and other bits of nonsense. I also want to do the Dark Eldar webway army - but I kind of want to make it crazy somehow so I am not sure. Will see if I figure out some way to make them look crazy and neat. If not I just go with the regular models and my different color scheme.

Alright that is about it for now - here are some minis and other things I said I would post from above. Woot!


Terminus Est said...

Hey Thomas !! Haven't had a chance yet to talk to ya since WGC. I hope yer doing well. Are you going to Tacticon this September? I might be there. I'll be bringing my Knights of Blood if I can make it out. Hopes to see ya there brosef.

: )


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I am doing Feast of Blades next as that is what I have time for (plus the flight was insanely cheap).

Where is Taction?

Terminus Est said...

Tacticon will take place in Denver.