Sunday, August 14, 2011

Goatboy's House of Awesome!

Goatboy here again. I did more experiments with NMM. It made me think - crap I am going to have to redo a lot of my Grey Knights army. Arghs! Or I just say f it - maybe sell it and then build it all again. But I digress. I played Ard Boyz and tied for 2nd/3rd with Darkwynn taking first. I had 2 tough matchups where a 4+ on a lot of it would have won me a major. Oh well - still I won every game so that is good too.

RD 1 - Mech IG - Minor Victory. It was a tough one and I lost due to the traitor not coming in and counting as "killed". Stupid reserve rolls and his -1 to reserve rolls. I only got one outflanking option on my traitor squad so it wasn't all bad. Still I shot a lot and killed things. It was a shooting game.

RD 2 - IG - 250+ model horde list. Lord this was a bad one. I played the reserve game again and he didn't move to engage the objectives. If I rolled a 4+ I would have gotten two of his objectives contested and I would have won a major victory. It was fun an the type of IG list I would play as it pushes the idea of - can you kill all this stuff.

RD 3 - CSM - basic list and the guy didn't have much due to not having enough models. It was a bad match up and my termie squad took out almost his entire army. Psychotroke grenades went nutty with a 6 rolled on some plague marines and they all failed their Initiative tests. Purifiers picked them up and just kept on kicking things in the nuts. I killed every model and just lost my GM and all but one Terminator.

Here is the list - I got some more ideas and I think RD 2 I am going to play a crap ton more Purifiers and try less of the Psychotroke nonsense. One unit and that is it.

GM, Psycannon, Psykotroke, Rad Grenades
Techmarine, Psychotroke, Rad, Warding Stave, Servo Skulls X 3
Purifiers X 8, Warding Stave X 1, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 4, Rhino
Purifiers X 5, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 1, Razorback, Psybolt
Purifiers X 5, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 1, Razorback, Psybolt
Purifiers X 5, Daemon Hammer X 1, Psycannon X 1, Razorback, Psybolt
GKT X 10, Thawn, Bro Banner, Psycannon X 2, Halberds X 6, Daemon Hammer X 2
Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt
Dreadnought, TWL Autocannon X 2, Psybolt

2499 pts

I think I got a better build idea next time. So will see as I prepare other lists. I did think of what might be my next personal paint project. Will see if it works out and I get a good start model done.

Other then that I am just still working on more orks and other bits and pieces. I have more Infinity to do and some other cool things. Here is what I want to paint this week.

Test model - see if I can find one that fits right and build it from there. I think I know what my base will be based on others I have seen.

5 Fiends of Slaanesh/Khorne - Finished em up today!

Mike Nick
6 Ork Bikerz - Just built em today
6 Ork Bikerz - In a box :(

Luis P
2 Hvy Weapon Team Death Korp - FInished em today!
5 Man Engineer FW - Cleaned!
5 Man Engineer FW - Cleaned!

Scott M
Get One Ork bomberz in a base
Work on small Ork Flyer

Randy More
Build first 5 man box of Infinity

Plastic Dudesmen
Do one more comic this week! Got next weeks already done.

So yeah - that is my plan. Now onto some minis and finishing off this post. Will try to throw up a post on Wednesday.


Cloudhammer said...

So how'd you place overall?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

tied for 2nd - so I get to go to the next round. Woot.

TJ Atwell said...

Nicely done and congrats, GB. One purifier layout I saw this weekend won first at one of our local stores. Quickening Libby in Land Raider with a bunch of falchion purifiers. I just thought it was the deathstar's deathstar!

Cloudhammer said...

Cool, I placed 3rd in my area... though we only had 4 people show haha. Still, for my subpar Tyranids to draw against Space Wolves TWC and Battlewagon Ghaz, and last to Turn 5 against Mech IG(though that was due to my reserving everything) was pretty nice... now if the distributor for my FLGS could get some Venomthropes to fill my order, i'd have a better list for next round(GW's website got a big fat order of them, but distributors got jack)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I call that Deathstar the Bad Touch - Don't touch death star. Lord throw in Tech Marine with grenades and just say - DIE DIE DIE!

And congrats on 3rd with nids. Those venomthropes are a pain in the butt to put together as metal - but they would just break apart if they were "finecast".

Cloudhammer said...

yea, is why i ordered them back in June, hoped to get them by the first week of July, and have them all built/primed at least for Ard Boyz... no such luck though haha

Xaereth said...

Noice! I ended up with 2nd in my own tournament! I even got to play Aventine, since I was playing in Portland (visiting family in the area), and he had just moved there.

Funtimes, should be fun to see how the Purifier awesomeness works out for you in the next round!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Awesome! How did he end up doing?

Xaereth said...

After he lost to me... he ended up losing again to a foot-slogging Wolf list. Not sure how bad- I think he said he killed Grimnar with a Tank Shocking Rhino though, which was awesome, since a 15-point Rhino (Blood Angels) captured him 500-odd victory points in a single move, since Grimnar was worth double that game :-p

The report is on my site, if you're interested in seeing yet another report full of Wolfstar carrying the day again and again, haha.