Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blargh - New Schedule is hard

I got time to draw things - but painting time is hard. Hopefully I can get it all fixed up in the next few weeks - lucky and unlucky for me I don't have a lot to do right now as things are up in the air on commissions on a few pieces. Beyond Luis's stuff as usual. Too much Necromunda/Mordhiem stuff.

Quick list of stuff to do.

5 Evil Purifiers etc - Done tonight! Yay!
Design Wound Card for Paladin unit - Need to draw it

11 Arbites - Built and primed
3 Mordhiem - Built and primed
3 Necromunda stuff - Built and primed

Michael N.
Battlewagon - Done!
15 Lootas - need to build em

Chris C
Ravager - Built, Magnets, and painted too!

Plastic Dudesmen - Draw it up - script is written
Necron art - Drawn - need to color
1 More Primarch - Color - Angron most likely
2 Logo design - Done up - waiting on approval

That is it for now - list is turned in for Feast - will post it up to look at Wednesday. It is all painted up - all evil and ready to go. I think it will be alright - a bit gimicky but that is life and the Goatboy way. Necron preview was a bit meh - but what else can you do right. We got a week till I get the new book in my greedy hooves. Woohoo!

More art later on and other things hopefully. That is my plan anyway. Now some pictures and then it is time for me to go to bed. Oh and I am starting Magic a bit again. Going to do Commander as it keeps things casual and leaves me out of going nutbar. NUTBAR COMPETITIVE!! Woowhoo. Got some local guys into it too because I am a jerk that can't keep my addiction to myself hehe.

Oh and on Da Boyz - good time for sure. I had fun and was almost there till the end when my Nemesis - Greg Sparks messed me up. I keep over thinking things and don't play to my strengths of just going for the kill. It is my fault and I will hopefully fix that and get onto the ETC team at Adepticon. I was almost there too damnit! I wouldn't have gotten first but I was posed to get 2nd with my scores. I got decent paint scores too - so hooray! The Monkey Dreadknight was a bad idea but that is life. I know more for later and have developed my list more. I think the changes I created towards it for Feast will work good. Oh the feast list is called - Superman and Batman - Friends Forever!

That is it - I will have my Commander deck in Denver too - as well as markers to draw on bags. Get a bag from me and keep me fed at the very least. It has been a very slow month and thank goodness feast tickets were already paid for hah.. Either way I will live and obviously I could use a bit of starving with my desire for happiness donuts haha.

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