Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Woot - Goatboy is back in town!

Got back from the Boyz - my bud Nick aka Darkwynn won the whole thing. Dodge me and I was in it till the end when the good ole Greg Sparks spanked the poor little Goatboy. I need to get my head out my ass and just stop over thinking things too much. Go for the grind versus the trick and just bring it. That is my plan for Feast. Let the dice rolls ruin me not my bad decisions!

I turned in my list - it should work out ok with some new design bits in it etc. I will post it up before I go but I think it will work out good. I call it Superman and Batman - Friends Forever!

Beyond this I am excited about Necrons coming out. I can't buy anything as this last month has just about killed me. So if you are looking at getting some art, minis, etc from me it would be great to have an email from ya. As usual art is $25.00 for most of it and I am lately moving back towards hand drawing stuff. Pictures coming at the end.

Paint list is shorter as my brain gets back into it and then I hit the feast. Fun times haha.

Arms for Libber/GKM guy - DONE!
5 Evil Purifiers - One is done - others have the first two layers on em!

Luis P
Another batch of Mordhiem guys - In pieces - probably dwarves

Michael N.
Chinrock thingie - Need to clean and build it
15 Lootas - Need to build em
1 Battle Wagon - Need to build it too

Michael S.
Get bases done for flyers

Plastic Dudesmen - Art done - need to get wacom pen back to color.
Color 3 to 4 Primarchs!

That is about it - so some models and art too.

Art - Magnus! Woohoo!

Bag Art too!


So yup - quick post - more later on. Again if you are interested in art or anything else shoot me an email to - goatboybols@gmail.com

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Rodney said...

Truck stop bathroom HJ FTW!