Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lord - Comments are fun hah

It's always fun to read the comments as people just get into the gang of - lets be crappy haha. At least they liked the art. Oh well - eat it haha. Will see if someone will tell me to my face - in fact the ones I read comments from haven't yet :). Will see. But enough of that - let's write my list to paint this week.

5 Evil Termies - Built and Primed

Mantic Warpath - Orxs X 2 - Built and Primed
Mantic Warpath - Buggie thingie - Built and Primed

Luis P.
2 Mordhiem Beastmen - Built and Primed
3 Undead Gang - Built and Primed
3 Dwarves - Built and Primed

Michael N
3 Deff Koptas - Built and Primed
3 Deff Koptas - In a bag
4 Deff Koptas - In a Bag

More ork stuff too - need to get my drill going and just build em up and paint em.

Then some art
Plastic Dudesmen #31 - Eat it jerks!
RM40k Superguy - Got the idea design - need to draw it out
3 More character designs - Drawn need to color em

Should get more painting done this week to try and catch up on other things. Spent the day playing some 40k with my Daemons. Really finding a "game" with Knights to be kind of hard as most don't want to throw down. Hopefully Necrons will make the issue go away as people bitch about the new army hah.

I think for Feast I am going to go back to Purifier spam. I just like playing lots of tanks damnit. Lots of em! So suck it! Heh.

Beyond the little beginning gripe how goes the game for everyone? I am alright with it - enjoying painting more. It makes me want to buy some of the new stuff. Of course I need to finish some work to catch up on some monies. This month I had to buy too many things due to plane tickets, life stuff, and just well more life stuff haha. I should be ok as I finish everything off this month.

So I will be at Da Boyz if you want some bag art. As well as Feast 2 weeks later. Like some kind of jet setter!!

But yeah - that is it - basic day. Pics to come later on this week.


DiStudios Chris said...

Sadly as they say 'haters gonna hate', can't get how you can paint so much! I am still struggling on a tactical squad from months ago : /

Looking forward to pics

Brian said...

People are typing smack about the goatboy? This displeases me.

Seriously those mounted Word Bearers like usual were a really cool idea executed nicely and so that was an ah ha moment for me about the interwebbers.

Xaereth said...

Haha. People are just stupid, sometimes.

Ready for the Feast? I'm betting on an anticlimatic loss in Round 3 for myself to some random Tau player.

Should be fun, regardless. What day are you coming down? Not sure if I'll be there for the Team Tournament or not, wifey's bday is on the Thursday before that, lol. But if I don't play in the TT, I'll at least hopefully be there for some beers afterwards. Cya in a few weeks :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

We are all in around 3:45 - a huge Austin crew which is cool. Gots to represent! hah.

Xaereth said...

3:45... on Friday?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yes sir on Friday.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

So Friday Afternoon.

ashogunnamedmarcus said...

if you cant be well liked be well hated......