Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goatboy - Tuesday?

It's Tuesday and I am tired. I am changing my schedule a bit - so I will be less tired. Paint time will be the same so life will be nice and toasty. Good times indeed.

Let's start out with my paint list.

Skulltaker on jugger - Done!
Music Man Jugger - In Pieces
Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn
Logo tweak - Done
Icon Tweak - Done
Ork Art - Drawn
Other art - Drawn

Raider - need to build and paint
Raider - need to build and paint
This will finish off the job!

Luis P
Mordhiem/Necron/Etc Batch - 11 Guys - Done!
Mordhiem/Etc - Paint up a batch more?

John H
More Space Wolves - Did the test - liked the test will do more!

Ork Flyers - I have one made - depending on how bad I feel after Paintball will determine how much I do this weekend heh.

The Daemon army is almost done. I have one model to do and the two display boards for the team event and my own display board. They will be simple and functional - which I think is important for a traveling 40k warrior. I also need to figure out the foam for the Daemons.

Army list is getting finalized too. I might do one change - but will see if it ends up being worthwile. The other thought would be to drop the Khorne dogs for Seekers as in a lot of ways, on the charge they will do just as well. The issue would be in a paladin fight - the dogs will be more annoying. Argh hard thoughts haha - but all those rending attacks would be pretty awesome.

Depending on how soon the Chaos codex comes out - I might be experimenting with some Thunder Wolf builds to test them out. See if the trick works and other nonsense. I have a crap ton of jump packs so the idea of a "red fleas" army is also interesting too. Still - lots of things to think about.

Will post lists as I write them out for testing. Maybe they will work :).

Models! ArOOO!!

Alright that is it for now -


Brandon Griffith said...

That skullcrusher looks pretty rad. Hopefully the paintball thing comes back up in the fall sometime, when I'm back in Austin so I can rock out.

Demitra said...

How many more Necromunda/Mordheim models are there? Surely you've done one of everything by now.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I don't know... lord I got so many more to paint! haha.

Dodger3 said...

Long time competitive Daemon player here, wanted to leave you a quick note with Adepticon coming up after watching the Black Templars battle report on BoLS:

You mentioned you like attempting to DS your Shooting elements onto the top of ruins to gain better visibility, and did so with one of your Chariot Heralds in the battle report.

Unfortunately, units that DS into a multi-level Ruin must arrive on the ground floor, so attempting to use Ruins in that manner isn't legal.

Something to take into account before it comes up at an important time.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Actually no where in the deep strike does it state that.

Pg 95 - mini rulebook.

"First place one model from the unit anywhere on the table, in the position you would like the unit to arrive, and roll the scatter dice. If you roll a hit the model stays where it is, but if an arrow is shown this determines the direction the model scattered in. If a scatter occurs, roll a 2d6 to see how many inches the model moves away from the intended position."

No where does it say it needs to be on the bottom floor at all. In fact it doesn't say anything other then deepstriking into terrain means you take dangerous terrain tests.

No where in the FAQ does it state you have to place them on the top level. The only thing that does that is ordinance templates. Most of the time we don't see many buildings nor do we see people wanting to deep strike into terrain and get wounds - but with my 4+ inv save you can be ballsy with demons.

Dodger3 said...

You stopped reading three paragraphs too soon.

Pg. 95:

"Units deep striking into ruined buildings are placed on the ground floor."

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Cool thanks I'll look again thanks I don't want to do cheaty stuff. It was versus nick hehe.