Monday, April 9, 2012

Thursday??? - Yeah its Late.

I need to get my butt in gear on some projects. I did finish one last week - Dark Eldar and completed a smaller batch as well. From there I got an upcoming Counts as Demons - Skaven army I am currently working through the model build. I got the inspiriation after failing the initial test. I failed it - and then it came to me how to work on it. Will get it blogged up as I start to work on it. I think it will work really well and has one of those - Make Goatboy happy design aspects. Plus it is for a buddy of mine who likes to mess with me with the counts as space Skaven nonsense to my Goats hah.

So as you know I am taking Demons to Adepticon. I posted the "final list" I like and will go with that for the most part. The dogs were lack luster against Grey Knights due to lots of units have multiple - none Force Weapons (banner guys in Paladins and the 4 lovely psycannon holding assholes in Purifiers). That is why the Seekers are there and will see how it goes. Dark Eldar will be a pain and I will have to kill every venom I see. Blargh!

Oh yeah my paint list

Orge Test - Done today! I am thinking of Ogres for Fantasy - so will see.
Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn, small tweaks to finish
Shirt design for our Adepticon team - drawn, need to build and then see if we can get them printed in time or if I have to figure out an Iron on system.
2 Banner drawings for a client - One Done! - other needs to get worked on.
Display board for me - Built - need to paint and clean up.

John H
Final Space Wolves - Finished!

Luis P
Morehiem - 9 Figs - Done!
More Mordhiem probably - 10 Built!

Need to write out the quote and mini list.

I've got the Alamo to play after Adepticon. Depending on if we get Chaos before then I might play a weird GK list. All Henchmen all the time. Something different that isn't the normal paladin spam or other nonsense. I am still thinking about it - and as I read the GK book I just keep thinking - lord this crap is boring.

Maybe I will play my Word Bearers - Space Wolves list. Lots of bikes - dudes running around. It could be fun, different, and interesting. I will probably play that as I pulled out the models and looked at them again. They look decent, play well, and give me the advantage of people asking - what are those? Swiftclaws????

Or Hell I play Space Wolve Armageddon. I brought that for my Thursday game time.


HQ: Canis, 2 Fenris Wolves
HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf, Saga of the Bear, Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Powerfist, Fenris Wolves X 2
HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Storm Shield, Frost Axe, Fenris Wolves X 2
HQ: Wolf Priest, Saga of the Hunter
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Wolf Tooth Talisman, CyberWolves X 4
Elites: WG X 3, Combi-Melta X 3, Powerfist X 3
Troops: Grey Hunters X 9, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf Standard, Drop pod
Troops: Grey Hunters X 9, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf Standard, Drop pod
Troops: Grey Hunters X 9, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf Standard, Drop pod
Troops: Fenris Wolves X 10
FA: Land Speeder Typhoon
FA: Land Speeder Typhoon

1999 - Prince's favorite number.

Wolf Priest joins the dogs and the Wolf Lords join the dogs to make a happy merry band. It works because Thunder Wolves can only join Thunder Wolf Cavalry or Fenris Wolves. And since the IC are not joining each other it works and gives the unit Fearless and Stealth. fun times indeed.

No Long Fangs either! So that should be fun. I might change it to Rhinos but who the heck knows - trying Drop Pods first. Will see. I do love me the Dozer Blades cuz it is fun and I got some painted up that look good.

Ok some models - I took pictures last night!

Woo hoo - art will come later as I finish things. ARROOO!!!


tabyrd said...

Interesting wolf list adding the iron priest + typhoons to your 1850 version. Do you find you need the long range shooting of the typhoons in this list? Have you played any games with it yet or is just all theoretical at the moment?

Unholy_Martyr said...

Now I understand the resemblance you mentioned...Gotta say I'm rather tempted to go with the Typhoons myself as that ranged firepower is just so hard to give up.

How does the overall unit fair without a Rune Priest? I'm always terrified some Psychic Horseshit is gonna piss on my parade.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

The only one I care about was Pyschic battle Squads as everything else can just suck it hah.

And really sometimes you just go to suck it up. But I should have a Wolf tail somewhere heh.

I like the Typhoons and the ability to create mobile firepower is pretty neat.

Heck I might just go with 40 Grey Hunters, Rhinos, no WG and just try to bring the basic pain.