Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lord I keep building lists

I can't stop. I think I need to borrow some minis and test out this Necron/GK build. It just feels interesting as it lets me play with a ton of stuff and well - it fits into my game mentality. What kind is that? Well I design a rock and then figure out what makes the opponent have tough decisions when playing this rock. So what is the list?

Necron Main
HQ: Destroyer Lord, Weave
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
FA: Wraiths X 6, Whip Coil X 3
FA: Wraiths X 6, Whip Coil X 3
Heavy: Doom Scythe

GK Ally
HQ: Coteaz (cheapest librarian)
Elite: Tech Marine, Power Axe, Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades
Troops: GK Terminators X 10, Psycannon X 2, Psybolt, Halberd X 1, Swords X 4, Daemon Hammer X 4, Bro Banner

This hits right at 2000 pts. Will see if I want to figure out more and add Immortals (like the model) or get some Annihilation barges in there. It has all the elements I like. The tech marine might get dumped out too for an Assassin. The idea would be an Adeptus Mechanicus Necron theme with the GKs. Or Evil stuff. Who the heck knows. Right now I want to do real Chaos not fake Chaos haha.

It is hard for me to think of new lists right now. CSM is just burning at the edge of my goat brain so I just need to wait. I keep thinking of the CSM horde army if it is true and the new models cost 14 points a piece. 20 guys running around the table top. My idea is

60 CSM - special guns etc - Undivided
60 Cultists - guys to die

And then whatever else I have left. Some Hellbrutes - dragons, and other nonsense. If the Havoks are really 13 points a piece - look for 10 man blobs with good guns as some of the missions will activate them as troops - big guns never tire or big girls don't cry as my friend calls it.

Paint list - obviously I already started it too.

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn and colored - need dialogue tweaks
Plastic Dudesmen - Script - want to draw it up
Banner Top - Drawn - need to scan and color
30 Ork Shoota boyz - 20 are done - Albino colored hehe - 10 are waiting to be primed
1 Rokkit Launcha - Built

David M
5 Old Necron Immortals - Done!
5 New Necron Immortals - not built yet

Luis P
5 IG guys - Done!
10 Mordhiem - Done!
Maybe more?

Chris C
5 More Cryx - Primed

With that involved I want to do some more art too so will see. I am getting ready to get some Boxed set nonsense so look for those to come up as soon as those boxes hit my house. Woohoo! Too much to handle haha.

Minis and some Sadness donut shirt ideas.

Shirt ideas

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