Sunday, September 9, 2012

Woohoo Survived Las Vegas!

Hooray - I got back on Saturday - cracked opened my clients Dark Vengeance box and started painting the characters. In fact - I even did all of them and the Hellbrute. Hooray beer eh? I did lost money in Vegas but had a good time with my wife. I saw the Love Circe thing at the Mirage. Woohoo! It was good.

So with that in mind I haven't done much list thoughts. I am just too excited about Chaos to really break it down. I want to test out the Necron/Ork hybrid I talked about - especially with the changes in the FAQ and how it opens up the game and just feels right. Congrats to GW. Look for my discussion on Monday at BOLS. Woohoo!

Paint list real quick

Annihilation Barge x 2- Not Built yet
Plastic Dudesmen - Need to get script and drawn
Test Alpha Legions - Need to do more

Luis P
Dark Vengeance - Captain - Done!
Dark Vengeance - Librarian - Done!
Dark Vengeance - Chaplain - Done!
Dark Vengeance - Chaoslord - Done!
Dark Vengeance - Hell Brute - Done!
Dark Vengeance - Chosen - Not built yet
Maybe something else - will see

Chris C
Kraken from Warmachine - Waiting to get it to paint for Chris and BOLS

Jens - New Tau stuff in
5 Suits - Primed!
10 Fire Warriors - Primed!
4 Shield Drones - Primed!

I am sure there will be some other stuff in the mix as well. I always have stuff to paint haha. It just keeps me busy. I redid my downstairs paint area and it feels a lot better. I like to paint downstairs as it lets me chat with the wife as she does Jewelry stuff. She has some bad ass stuff and hope to get some pics on here if you are ever interested in getting the wife/girlfriend something neat. Woohoo! Feast is coming soon and I need to figure out my list damnit! Blargh! Plus I have to wait on my own Dark Vengeance stuff as well. Poops!

Look for lists and FAQ thoughts this week. Big changes and I think 6th is looking awesome!

Now some of those painted minis. Woohoo!

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