Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goatboy - Monday - XMAS EVE!

Spooky!!! AROOOO!!!  It is almost Monday when I started this - so I say it is a Monday when people might read it.  If they read it etc.  I have some thoughts on my next BOLS 3rd party review article coming - it will be a build a customer Plague Marine.  You can see them below as I went ahead and finished 10 of them (really 7 for the squad as I did 2 melt/2 plasma/PF/PAxe).  I also finished up my customer Typhus to match my army and got some test Plague Zombies done as well.

Paint list - Most likely short due to the holidays.

Typhus - Done!
3 Test Zombies - Done!
7 More Plague Marines - Done!
Plastic Dudesmen - Got the script - will see if I can get the art to work.
Maybe more art 40k style?  Eh?

1 Razorback - Need to build it
3 Rhinos - Need to build em
1 Terminator - Random one that is primed.

More random marines - Primed!
Ahriman - need to fix and prime etc!  Will do in new NMM style too

So yeah - not much this week as Xmas is gonna get in the way.  I want to get more Zombies as well as work on my Table War case to get it set up.  Doug just sent it to me a few day ago and I want to get it together and set up for my armies to showcase on a BOLS review.  I have to decide on an army build eh?

I played a game this weekend - 2000 points against my coworker Neil.  I won in the end and find the Mauler Fiends really interesting.  If you have good terrain they are decent answers to armor as they can scoot around, jump out and just punch the crap out of something.  Other things are not the best and you have to watch how many Hull Points they have on them.  My Juggerlord did kill himself rolling 1's on the demon weapon and I shorted how many attacks he had a few times.  I didn't know he sits at 5 standing still - so 7 on the Charge eh?

Current Assault Heavy list - still unsure of the Sorcerer Bike guy - but I think the Black Mace still has merit.  I just like Telepathy even though lately it hasn't rolled much of anything in games.  It makes me think I might just make him a Chaos Lord and leave it with Typhus coming in to give me the bodies I need to complete my Horde style set up.

Here is an 1850 list as the next even is Railhead in March.

HQ: Typhus
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Burning Brand, Blinding Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Melta Bombs
Troops: Plague Zombies X 30
Troops: Plague Zombies X 30
Troops: Plague Marines X 7, Plasma gun X 2, Power Axe
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer
Heavy: Mauler Fiend
Heavy: Mauler Fiend
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Laser

Typhus will be manning the laser gun and I have zombies slowly moving forward.  If I fear flyers I can dump the Mauler fiends for 2 sets of Veteran Autocannon Havocs.  I keep thinking getting in some Screamers with the Masque might be good.  But then I want to add in Flamers and just - well go all gungho with the flamer/death action etc.  Still - I love the idea of 60 zombies to help keep drop pods away and then I get to move in and abuse them unit at a time with the Spawn and Jugger lord.  I also keep thinking the Aegis might be worthless more and more as it just makes you limited in where you are going to be etc.  Oh well - Maybe I will write up some tactics for 6th edition that tries to fit in all the meanest bits - horde + flyers + pain.

The best list still looks to be a Hybrid Horde/Flyer bit - but will have to test that out a bit more.  More and more orks is what I say.

Alright - let's look at some minis and then I call it a night as I am going into work early so I can leave and have ham with the family in town.  Woohoo ham!

Woot - new customer Typhus!  The shoulder pads are from the Mauler Fiend kit - no idea what they go too haha.  I just had some left over.  The Scythe is an Ogre hybrid monstrosity.

Customer Plague Marines - parts are - Maxmini = Backpacks, Heads, & Melta/Fusion Guns. Kromlech = Legs.  Secrect Weapon = Bases

More Mantic Hybrid Zombies?  Yeah I want a red squad so I can tell these jerks apart.

Jen's has me started on more Chaos Marines as well.

It never ends!  I am going to stop a bit as we wait on the codex and what I can convert for some of the DV termies.  I have some Plasma Cannons that might get put on some termies.


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Merry Xmas to you , your missus and hte pooch !!


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You too brotha!