Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goatboy's Monday! AROOOO

Prize for a Tournament in Denmark.  CHAOS!!!

Played a game with the list I showed on Thursday.  I won as my spawn got there and I punch a lot of things.  It shows the list has merit and needs more work as I go into other ideas and ways to increase its ability to punch things hard.  I got a new computer this weekend so I have been hammering that into shape lately. Fun times indeed.

Will go with the Paint list - then Army list I want to try and get a game with on Thursday.

Paint list

Plastic Dudesmen - as usual I need to do one this week.
Maybe start on another 30 orks?  Need to get another group done to get me up to 120 of the new painted style orks.
Dakkajet 3?
Chaos Termintors X 3?

5 Autocannon Havoks - Done!
5 Autocannon Havoks - Maybe?
Bunch of CSM - for sure

8 More Dark Angels - Done!
1 Rhino/Razorback - Need to build
Chaplain in Terminator armor - Sure?

So a somewhat small week - it is the week before Xmas so I am a bit slow this time of year.  I want to get some other things done and test out some other options.  Who knows.  I want to test out some Nurgle Bikers as well - but think the only way to fit them in is to not use Allies - but they fix so much!  BWAAAH!!!

Current Thursday list

HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Blinding Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Vet of Killing!
HQ: Sorcerer Lord, Bike, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar, Black Mace, Vet of Spells!
HQ: Weirdboy, Warphead
Elites: Terminators X 3, Combi-Plasma X 3, Power Axes X 3
Elites: Lootas X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
Heavy: Mauler Fiend
Heavy: Mauler Fiend
Heavy: Big Guns X 3, Runtherd
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun

I am sure I will get punked by some fliers but this should be fun to mess around with.  The obviously drop is the Mauler Fiends for Havoks if I feel I need it - but those Fiends are fun to punch tanks in the butt with.  If I get the termies done this week I can try to batrep this on Thursday.  Woohoo!

Alright - tired as shit - long ass weekend.  Helped a buddy move, drove to my home town twice and didn't get a ton of sleep.  I hope next week doesn't suck and all is good in my hood of hoods.  Arrooo!!!!

Models to look at and I am out.

Final MoN spawn!  Woot 5 Assholes for the Win!

New commission start for an old client.  Woot more CSM eh?  Glad mine are just about done.

More DA on the lava field of dreams.

Alright more later on this week - my ass is tired.

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