Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goatboy - Sunday and its my Wife's Bday

We are waiting to go out and eat before we have a night of bowling and nonsense.  Fun fun fun.  So this last day I painted a crap ton of stuff.  I got a lot of things done for myself as a kind of Xmas break to get my brain in place.  So with that - let's do a paint list woohoo!

10 More Zombies - Need to build them - gets me another squad of 35 - red jerks!
1 Plastic Dudesmen - Need to get it done
1 Dakkajet - Maybe?  It is in a box in pieces
3 Combi-Melta Terminators - Primed!
4 Raptors - Primed!

Terminator Librarian - Got it in - gonna paint it!
Who knows what else

6 More CSM - Primed
Ahriman - Not primed
Some metal guys - Not primed

That is about it - plus some Bols stuff I am sure for review.  Fun times indeed.

I didn't get a game in this weekend and I might not next week either.  Mother-in-laws bday is on my normal game night and it really depends on if I can get one during the weekend.  It seems Nick is back into playing the game so hopefully I can get some mean fights in hehe.

Current lists

CSM/Orks Allied Force

HQ: Chaos Lord, Bike, MoN, Black Mace, Sigil of Corruption, Blight Grenades, Vet
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Blinding Axe, Sigil of Corruption, Meltabombs, Vet
HQ: Big Mek, KFF
Elites: Terminators X 3, Combi-Melta X 3 (Could be plasma if I wanted)
Elites: Lootas X 10
Troops: Cultists X 35
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 3
FA: Chaos Spawn X 5, MoN
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer
Heavy: Big Guns X 3, Runtherd
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun

I want to test out with more Mauler Fiends too - so eh?  Not sure.  I could look at dropping some things to get them in.  I do like how the ones I painted look.


HQ: Big Mek, KFF, Cybork
HQ: Chaos Lord, MoK, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, Blinding Axe, Burning Brand, Gift of Mutation, Meltabomb, Vet
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 2
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Rokkits X 2
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Big Shoota X 3
Troops: Shoota Boyz X 30, Big Shoota X 3
Troops: Cultists X 35, Flamer X 3
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
FA: Dakkajet, Supa Shoota X 3, Fighta Ace
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer

1850 on the Nose and a lot of guys on the table top.  The Lord joins the Cultists and runs forward to punch things as needed.  He has a lot of wounds he can throw around.  I could change out to a Sorcerer on a Bike - but then the squad isn't fearless so enh?  I could go with a Nurgle Lord on a Bike for Immune to Dreadnoughts - hrmmm...

Some pictures.

What - 120 newly painted orks?  I am crazy eh?

All the leaders are Blue for easy spotting.  Max Mini and bits.

Another 15 or so Zombies - total 25 for the Red squad

Customer Nurgle Bike - lots of non GW bits.  He has been absorbed by the Techno Obliterator Virus eh?

Woohoo - Test Raptor!  There is a lot I like on it - there is some green bits on the back too.

More Zombies - this was the final 10 for 25 total

Luis P - Razorback!

Rhino!  YAY!!!


TJ Atwell said...

Where did you get that awesome bike?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Dystopia wars bigger model steam bike :). They have this hover bike too. Like 33 bucks for two. The legs aren't the right size but you can hack them off pretty easily.