Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goatboy - Railhead Rumble Report - went 7-0 to take it

Woot - Goatboy here with a rundown of the Railhead Rumble this weekend.  I took the following list and ended up being the only 7-0 player and winning the whole shebang.  Here is the list I took for the weekend.  It was not a nice list and took advantage on the lack of FW at the event and the strengths of the basic game right now. Horde plus Flyers.

HQ: Typhus
HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, Power Armor, MoN, The Black Mace
HQ: Necron Overlord, Warscythe
HQ: Cryptek X 2, Harbringer of the Storm, Harbringer of Despair, Veil of Darkness
Troops: Zombies X 30
Troops: Zombies X 10
Troops: Zombies X 10
Troops: Necron Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Immortals X 10, Tesla, Night Scythe
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
Heavy: Annihilation Barge
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Commlinks

My Daemon Prince did kinda meh all weekend beyond just being a target they needed to kill in the first round of shooting.  He did take a lot of damage though so that wasn't bad.  The tournament had some funky missions that caused some game issues with some armies having a nutty advantage etc.  Still it was enjoyable.  I do wish we had more LOS blocking terrain in the middle to help some armies move around and ignore the sheer amount of bullets other armies threw out.

I kept the mission book so I can actually write it down.  Day 1 was a W/L event that would create the 2 brackets for the next day.  Missions were divided into 3 objectives for day 1 and day 2 had 2 objectives with battle points to figure out the winner.

All missions had Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker.  First Blood was removed.

Rd 1 - Will with his borrowed Eldar army.  Will had a dog destroy a good chunk of his Necrons so he had to borrow a list.  He is a buddy from Austin who moved to the Dallas area so he called me out because he wanted a quick game. I gave it to him and we were done early.  List was 2 Wave Serpants, Fire Warriors, Aegis Line, Eldrad, Quadgun, Rangers, some Warp Spyders, 3 Dakka Walker thingies, and an Auratach. 

Objective 1 - 5 Objectives worth 3 VP each - Mysterious!
Objective 2 - Table Quarters - Each one worth 3 VP
Objective 3 - Character Killer - Max 5 - Each one is worth 3 VP.

I won as the game was called on Turn 4.  My army just came on, kick some ass and went on.  Typhus didn't die (didn't die all weekend) and the DP killed one Wave Serpent and then got shot to pieces. 3 Objectives to 0 so a Win for me.

Rd 2 - John with Necrons.  This was a rough build and I think with some better target priority it would have been John's game.  His list was 2 Destroyer Lords with Weave/Scarabs, 17 Wraiths, 3 Annihilation Barges, 4 Night Scythes with 5 Warriors.  Rough for sure - just no tricks.

FA were scoring in this mission as well - and only one Dragon was left alive at the end with only his one Wraith squad locked in combat with Typhus.

Objective 1 - KP - Max 7
Objective 2 - 3 Objectives worth 3 Pts a piece.
Objective 3 - Assassination - Pick a unit and killed it - worth 5 points (I picked the 5 Wraith unit)

This game came down to better target priority from me and some failed Charges for John.  I was able to have Typhus Survive 3 failed Mind Shackle Scarab rolls - wasting spells, Destroyer Hive, and only needing to make 1 5++ save.  I won this game in the end as I removed some troops, held objectives and kept his guys locked up with bad assaults. I also made him have to turn around with Annihilation barges to get butt shots on them as well.

2 objectives to 1 - and my DP died turn 2 to Telsa from 3 Night Scythes.  Win for the Goat

Rd 3 - Sam with his Dark Angels.  Banner of Devastation (weird rule they allowed any bolt weapon get the salvo (4 shot bolt pistols!!), Azrael (SP?), Plasma Knight Bikers, 1 Raven Wing, lots of dudes, Rhino with Banner guy, 2 Squads of Deathwing Terminators and some Devs.

Heavy were scoring in this mission.

Objective 1 - 3 Relics in the middle worth 3 points a piece. - the set up was the football field.
Objective 2 - Table Quarters at 3 pts a piece
Objective 3 - Assassination like above at 5 pts

I played Sam a few years ago at Alamo where he had a Scout assault army and I stole the initiative and did the dirty to his army.  This was another rough game for him as I waited, stuff came out and shot things down.  I didn't kill everything but my DP did something this game by killing 5 Deathwing Terminators and then getting killed by a Dev Squad when he charged in.  Shot once in the face with 2+ shrouding and then took a wound from the fit as he put the Lascannon butt in my junk.  It was awesome haha.

I ended up winning 3 objectives to 0 as I just go in there and  got business done.  All 4 of my flyers were alive at the end of the game.  I even remembered soul blaze this time.

Rd 4 - David Light and his 5th edition Grey Knights.  6 Razorbacks with 6 man purifiers. Coteaz, 2 dreadnoughts and Crowe.  Mean little list for 5th not nearly as good now.  But that is what he had to play.  David is a buddy of mine and one of the few people I lost it on during a hot tournament.  He laughed at me and I got kicked out and I can say this - David is one of the better players around and his rules knowledge is nuts.  Good guy and I think it is going to turn around and have him stomp me soon.  I just feel it hah.

Objective 1 - 3 objectives worth 3 VP each
Objective 2 - Get as many Denial units in Opponents Deployment Zone - Odd one this one as it is only units that can deny - ie HQ's, Elites, FA, and Heavy that aren't vehicles can do this - if you deny an objective in their zone it is worth 3.
Objective 3 - Character Killer - Kill any Character unit - worth 3 VP each.

David and I play quick games.  The set up almost takes as long as the game.  He killed all 4 flyers in 2 turns and I pulled some nonsense as well. The DP wiffed in a combat and got hammered but my Immortals more then made up for it when they killed Crowe as he tried to get into combat (15 wounds is pretty good on overwatch right?). Also my warriors and immortals won combat leaving David with only a few units and me pulling out a 2-1 victory.  Rolling those 6's worked and we both joked out we are all about team roll 6's. 

I ended the day 4-0 and only two other players had that record.  One was my buddy Nick (Darkwynn) and the other was Daniel with his Crons.  I got paired with Nick day 2 and his Dark Eldar.

Sunday Day 2 - Battle Point start over.  I was seeded as 1 or 2 with Nick and we played first.  Objectives are now based at 2.

Rd 5 - Nick with his Dark Eldar.  Archon and Incubi, raiders, venoms, 3 Ravagers, some Wyches and the Reaver Jetbikes.  My list is heavily favored versus this army.  I have won the last few games versus Nick so I figured it is time he gets the rolls to take me out.

Win 15 Tie 8 Lose 2
Goal 1 - 8 Objectives.
Goal 2 - Denial Units in the deployment zone.

Nick got the Warlord trait with -1 to reserves and it almost won it for me.  I got one dragon in turn 2 who killed the Archon raider and pinned the unit.  That won me the game as the poor Archon never got into combat and his units of Incubi were gutted by Flames etc.  I got lucky with some failed charges and mistakes on Nick's part and crushed his army turn 3 with everything else.  Game ended on 4 as I removed all the models and held more objectives and had my Necron lord in his Deployment zone doing the Harlem Shake. Teleporting Immortals are very good and everyone should be looking at them.  DP died turn 1 :(.

Rd 6 - Daniel with his Necrons.  He had lots of Armor 13 Necron Ghost Arks, 2 Douche Canoes, and lots of Cryteks with 3 Tomb blade bikes. Daniel was a good guy from Houston.

Win 15 Tie 8 Lose 2
Goal 1 - Eliminate as many characters as possible (he had 12 I had 8)
Goal 2 - Assassination - kill a non-vehicle denial unit (ie HQ, Elites, FA that wasn't a Vehicle)

The set up was the Football field and I had the advantage of a teleporting Immortals squad.  I sat at the edge as Daniel didn't want to move and give me characters in the Ghost Arks.  The Game was over in 15 minutes as he wasn't going to move and I just sat till turn 5 as I went second.  I teleported, killed the one Tomb Blade I targeted (he had to pick my DP) and we called it.  We saw if I could get back up after shooting at me if it went past turn 5 and my Cryptek did get back up so I won 24 to 10.  DP didn't die this game!

Rd 7 - Rob from Austin with his Tzeentch Demons.  3 units of 6 Flamers, Fateweaver, Lord of Change, 3 Units of 3 Screamers, a Tzeentch DP without Wings, 5 units of 5 Horrors.  He is a buddy from Austin who has a nutty painted Lord of Change from FW.  Amazing painter.

Win 15 Tie 8 Lose 2
Goal 1 - Objectives 2
Goal 2 - Table Quarters

I killed Fateweaver in Rd 1 and just burned all the troops as I flew around.  Immortals pulled some Nonsense and the DP killed the the Tzeentch one, some Horrors, screamers, and finally ate it to some Flamers who thought he was a jerk.  Still the best game and the only one where I got an even trade in points.  I killed almost all his troops turn 2 and just slowly grinded him down.  This Keeper of Secrets lived through the whole game and some Flamers.  I won with 31 points as I couldn't killed the Keeper of Secrets.

So I went 7-0 and got full Sportsmanship plus a 20 for my paint job.  This let me win it in the end.  I had a good time but I wish the terrain was better as the pictures from last year showed a lot more LOS blocking terrain. If I had to do it again - the DP would be gone and I would have some Mauler Fiends as well.  Without First Blood you can use the Koolaid man to punch crap in the face.

After the weekend off I got a ton of crap to do paint and art wise.  Will see if I get it done.

Paint List
Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn need to color and build
Catalog what I need to buy for Demons.

New Ultramarines start - First guy built
Maybe some Scouts
Some DA stuff

30 Zombies
1 Warpsmith
2 Bits of Art - Drawn need to color

Some GK stuff - most likely the initial Terminator unit etc - Need to build and fix - ie drill holes build bases etc.

Maybe a Dreamforge Titan build - will see.

So yeah a busy week and it is back on the horse.  Look for updates later on in the week with some Demon lists.  I think the book is better then people give it and I will be a pain in the butt with the army.


TJ Atwell said...

Thanks for the great write up. I have been messing around with Chraons lately myself and this is a brutal list. I wonder how the maulerfiends would fair?

Anyway, congrats on the win, man. Question though ... why two despair teks? Just for an odd flamer? I understand the veiltek, but that one seemed like an odd duck in an otherwise trim and fit list.

Nick W said...

Congrats Thomas! I need to stop wishing you well at tournaments after you post up your lists- that's twice in a row that you immediately took first right after ;) Obviously you don't need the extra luck with those face-puncher lists!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

One is Voltaic and the other is the Veil - one to teleport the other to give me a hope versus LR's.

Which I didn't face haha.

I think the Mauler would have given me an out versus some of the armies - a quick punch to kill things asap.

TJ Atwell said...

I see. Any thoughts on whipping out your old daemons? Perhaps some floating eyeballs of doom?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Always - will see what I come up with - there is a lot to love in the new book.

I think the book is a lot stronger then people give it credit and it will just kill a lot of this - foot anti flyer metagame stuff you saw at BAO.

TheGraveMind said...

And just fyi, banner of Dev says boltgun specific, so no pistols, just bolters.

Unknown said...

Yes but the main rulebook defines "boltgun" as all the bolt weapons with examples listed.

bullymike said...

i beat daniel bro

Forpus said...

Congratulations. I really appreciate the write up. I enjoyed our game and I hope we can do it again.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Fixed the report - I think another Necron guy was undefeated and not Daniel.

Demon lists are coming - I see a lot of potential for my play style (Hammer) and I really think I can be a terror with this nonsense. The gifts are almost all undercosted and the random nature means I could tailor lists right before I hit the table top.

I agree on the Banner - as Boltgun is listed in the weapons list in the back of the book, in the DA book, Chaos Space Marine, and all other Marine books. The bit at the front of the book is fluff. So it only works on Boltguns for sure.

Demons list come on Thursday with some painted models.

TJ Atwell said...

Cant's wait to see the Daemons, man. I agree on the anti-flyer spam foot hordes. I would like to see the blobs handle blobs or stright CC death supported by no overwatch shenannigans!

Terminus Est said...

Well done ! I knew that list of yours was going to rawk it hard.

: )


pedrogzc@gmail.com said...

It's a list to make friends... Of people ranting about you, of course.

Anyway congratulations for the win and thankyou for the report. Very instructive.