Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goatboy - Survived the 11+ games of Adepitcon

Lord - that is a ton of games.  I am sure you read my breakdown on BOLS.  I got close to the mountain top but didn't get a chance to crush more Necron dreams.  Oh well - I did learn a lot of things on how to deal with the Cron menance haha.  I plan on breaking down some Daemon stuff on Monday before I fully embrace some reading on the Tau book.  Too many thoughts on the gribblies in my head to not use in an article somewhere.  Too many hah.

Will start the day off with the Paint list - I got back into things last night with a small local commission and plan on burning through stuff during the weekend.  Will see how much I get done.

Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn - I like the punchline a lot - it is a Wyatt and me collab woohoo!
Herald of Khorne Take over CSM - Started - some layers done - need to work on the NNM on the Armor more
Mentally build out Lord of Change - I want to do some kind of mechanical monster to help match my armies more but will see - it is in the planning stages.
Start the ideas for a set of Fiends - I think they will end up being very important in the next few months of games as they stop some of the spell nonsense you will thrown around the playing field - Tau don't like spells.  I want to use Warhammer Big Ghouls as the base and add mechanical stuff.

Wargames Con
Start the first unit for the CSM army I plan on doing for the Raffle.  Woohoo - Prob a marine unit.
Plan the next few units - there should be a lot of conversions to really amp up a sweet looking army

3 more Black Knights - Plan on building them tonight
1 Attack Bike - Primed
1 Nephilim Fight - need to build - they are fun as hell to paint

Start building the Tau upgrade for him - I got a box of fire warriors and cadre guy - more will be coming

2 Pathfinder figures - Got them done last night like a boss! 

Pics will be coming of stuff as I do them.  I want to update more and my new schedule should give me more comp time at home for pics etc.  I need to upgrade my photo taking stuff at some point - but the bank funds are very stressed right now with my new glasses, wife teeth, wife heart checkup (brother had issues wanted to be sure before kid trying stuff), house stuff, and well Adepticon.  I didn't spend much at all there - due to playing the entire time which also meant I did not cover my costs with bag art etc.  If I get a chance to go back next year I will just be playing Team and let Nick and John smash face in the championship as I help judge.

Like I said earlier I got one more Daemon article for BOLS then it is onto other things.  It makes me sad as I really like the book and don't plan on playing Tau except for Team events or other things where someone else brings the army.  I had fun with all my CSM stuff at Adepticon and I got decent paint scores for my heavily converted army.  The Dragon got a lot of looks as well.  It makes me feel good that I didn't see another copy of it throughout the event. 

It was nuts that we saw so many Necrons in the top 16.  In some ways it has more action in it then GK did the year before.  Most GK lists were very similiar but with the ally system and Necrons ability to take some of the newer books meant the army having a lot more play many of the other choices.  I don't really like the GK/Cron combo too much as I feel the GK part - while good - is too easy to circumvent.  Oh well - I didn't win so what do I know right haha?

The best thing about these events is seeing some of my buddies around the country.  It is one of the few times I get to see some of the Eastern folks and it is great just shooting the shit with them.  I am glad I didn't get any nonsense pictures taken haha. 

Here is my current list of Events

May 18th-19th - Alamo 40k GT in San Antonio, TX.  I have won it and will see if I get to it again.  I will be with Daemons once again.
June 7th-9th - Wargames Con in Austin, TX.  The big one I am a part of.  Look for my Raffle army, art, and other nonsense at the show.
June 27th-30th - Spikey Bits Birthday Party event.  I will be up in Virginia shooting the shit, drawing on bags, and just doing what I normally do - throw dice.  I will probably have my Daemons as well.

From there I am planning on being at the ATC and probably another event.  If the plane tickets for the Boyz runs low I might head up to that area and freeze my butt off.  Depending on time frames I might head to the Nova too as I haven't had a chance to play in Brandt's show.  When Reese and them get Vegas going I will be out there for sure.  The wife likes Vegas so that is a dual trip so it makes it perfectly good hah.

Lists right now are all starting like this.

Keeper of Secrets, Greater Gifts X 2, Lvl 3
Daemon Prince, Wings, Armor, Greater Gifts X 2, Lvl 2, MoS
Daemon Prince, Wings, Armor, Greater Gifts X 2, Lvl 2, MoS
Daemon Prince, Greater Gifts X 2, Lvl 3, MoS

Comes out to 1140 points - which is a bit nuts - but this type of Army needs this to overpower the opponent in the mind bullet stage.

From there I think I will end up using some Heralds this time around.  It is tempting to go all flyers - but the one walker guy helps keep the Keeper Safe as they skip around causing problems.

Herald of Tzeentch, Locus of Conjuration, Lvl 3
Herald of Nurgle, Locus of Fecundity, Exalted Gift
Plague Bearers X 20
Pink Horrors X 18, Iridescent Horror
Fiends of Slaanesh X 4

The Fiends are there to allow me some psychic protection.  Like I said - expect these mind bomb lists to pop up.  Leadership 9 is the key and dropping it to below 7 will be very important to win those battles.  Plus if Eldar become the shit again - knocking them down a few pegs will be good.

The exalted gift on the Plague Bearer gives me the Portal or the Griminore if needed.  The Iridescent Horror is there to allow your Horror unit to shoot 4d6 Percision strike Str 6 shots.  Very very important to pop out other leaders and options in the Daemon on Daemon match up. 

Blargh... it will be what it will be.


Unknown said...

Can the Iridescent Horror Precision Strike with Flickering Flame? That was one of the first thoughts I had about the new horrors. But the rules seem confusing with Brotherhood of Sorcerers and characters. The unit manifests the power, but Iridescent Horror is used for LoS. If you can find the pages that support this, you'll be even more my hero!

Tao said...

With your game play experience thus far, do you think the use of both Book and Portal (aka 2 Exalted Rewards) in a single list is wasteful points?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I think the portal is always a good option.

The Book works when you build your list to use it - ie multiple targets that could work with a 2+ save. As you roll all that stuff at once you can choose to roll your spells first then roll your gifts to see if you get the chance to use the book.

And if you use the portal - only summon horrors. You get a chance to get a beam power when they come out - which can be extremely powerful.

And yes - getting that leader to shoot means he manifests the powers and all "targets" etc come from him. It would