Sunday, April 28, 2013

Speed is building - painting is beginning again.

My list from last week is almost the same as this week.  I had to work extra to cover some people's vacations so I was kind of down and out paint wise.  This week should be better and I can hopefully throw 2-3 hours per night throwing some paint on models.  Plus I have two drawing things to do as well so I should have a full week.  Woohoo.  Let's break that list out.

Plastic Dudesmen - Joke written - need to draw it out
Design due by Wednesday - going to start it tomorrow - woohoo
Another Logo/Mascot/Etc - doodled out one need to rework another to see which one is better
Another Logo - need to start working on it for Pat from 11th company - woohoo
Herald of Tzeentch 2 - Built him today - paint him later on - he will be an ex Thousand Son hah

Luis P
3 Black Knights - Built and Primed
1 Nephlim Fighter - need to build
1 Drop pod - need to finish building it

Cryx stuff - 2 things primed - want to do 2 - 3 others.

12 Tau Fire Warriors - Did them today!  Yay!
12 more Tau Fire Warriors? - maybe
2 more drones as well - maybe

Wargames  Con
Start building one part of it.  I swear!

Yeah my week is filled up.  I still want to figure out that stupid lord of Change.  Lots of things to goof around with.  I think I will play a game this  Thursday.  

List ideas - I want to bring as many Lvl 3 Casters as I can.  I doubt it will work - but hey... haha.

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3 Caster
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Lvl 3, Exalted Gift, Locus of Conjuration
HQ: Herald of Tzeentch, Lvl 3
HQ: Herald of Nurgle, Locus of Fecundity, Lesser  Gift
Troops: Pink Horrors X 16, Upgrade guy
Troops: Plague Bearers X 14
Heavy: DP, Wings, Armor, MoS, Lvl 3 Caster, Greater Gifts X 2
Heavy: DP, Wings, Armor, MoS, Lvl 3 Caster, Greater Gifts X 2
Heavy: DP, Wings, Armor, MoS, Lvl 3 Caster, Greater Gifts X 2

We have a 1500 point event as well coming up - should I just drop one of the DP's and go with some nonsense?  MC Smash!

I want my games to be quick dammit!

HQ: Keeper of Secrets, Greater Gift X 2, Lvl 3 Caster
HQ: Bloodthirster, Greater Gift X 1, Exalted Gift
Troops: Plague Bearers X 10
Troops: Plague Bearers X 10
Troops: Pink Horrors X 10

Heavy: DP, Wings, Armor, MoS, Lvl 3 Caster, Greater Gifts X 2
Heavy: DP, Wings, Armor, MoS, Lvl 3 Caster, Greater Gifts X 2

1500 points - and it might work ok haha.  Who knows.  Blargh

Some models - and art will come later on this week.

Pathfinder minis!

His other leg is a bloodletter so it looks like he is running at you.  You want more pics?

Tau plus Cadre!  Yay!

DAKKA - the weapon is magnetized.


Unknown said...

All the heralds you have popping out of marines are great, but that is my fav so far.

I used the Zombie Dragon for a LoC.. I know you've already made use of that kit, but it is some seriously good plastic..


Tyson Yapias said...

More pics of the Khorne Herald please

Unknown said...

Dear Mr goat, this has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I'm writing it anyway, I was wondering if you would just give me feedback on this list I've come up with. It's basically made from the models I've made just cos I think they're cool (especially the techmarines) rather than from a competitive view but still, I don't to have my butt handed
to me. Sorry to pester you dude but I know how you love to uber list build and your opinion would be cool.

So here it is.

Belial with claws

termy interrogator Chaplain with porta rack.

techmarine with claw and storm bolter

techmarine with claw & storm bolter

5 deathwing dudes with claws & cyclone missile launcher in a landraider crusader with multi-

5 shooty deathwing dudes with heavy flamer

5 shooty deathwing dudes with assault canon

the idea was to rush the landy with belial, the chaplain and the techies along with the claw guys up the field and rip a new one in the enemy then deep strike the shooty guys on turn 2 within 6" of belial for no scatter and then its shooty shooty time.

so what you think?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

First - side shot of Herald coming in a day or two - I painted up some new stuff so I want to update etc. Plus post my Alamo list!

Nurgle and Slaanesh one are in the works - another Tzeentch one is done already :).

Onto the list - it is small which is a problem a lot of the time. I like how Belial looks with claws - but he is much better hammer and board. He kills a ton of stuff.

The Tech Marine is pretty boss as he can shoot lots of nonsense from his set up - and still has a Fist right? With his rig on his back.

What is the Porta Rack on the Chaplain? I would go with missiles over the Assault cannon and heavy flamer. They will give you more bang for you buck most of the time. I would also do just Th/SS on the guys in the LR - you have enough claws with your tech marines etc to do some damage and the hammers will save your butt.

How many points are we looking at?

Unknown said...

1500 on the nose.

porta rack gives preferred enemy of whatever kind of unit you kill plus you can use their Tele homers. only 10 points but was considering losing it to add another cyclone. yeah the techies have a fist with their back packs of doom. I've got another 5 termies to build up but just waiting for th & ss to arrive. I went with the claws to get the extra attack and re roll to wound, coupled with the chaps re roll to hit on the charge nastiness.