Monday, August 11, 2014

Goatboy's Monday Post

Woohoo! - was a busy weekend.  Looked at a new car - maybe in a few weeks.  We need something bigger for the bambino so thus - 4 doors at least.  Blah!!!  Beyond that I painted a lot too.  Hell I will be painting a ton more too.  Will start with the paint list real quick.

Article for BOLS - maybe Wolves aka Space Goats
Nurgle Knight - need to get him built
Some art maybe too.

NecroOrks - once this fantasy stuff gets knocked out first then I start no it again this weekend

More Cryx stuff - I got some metal horse guys that make me sad to build haha

More Marines - jump back guys

More marines - jump back guys again...

Greg S
Some AM guys too -

2 More Empire Cannons
1 Steamtank

I have 9 more Dark Elf Witches and some spaces and a display tray to paint - should be done by Wednesday at the latest - couldn't prime tonight cuz of some rain :(.

I am sure something else too.  Haha - it never ends right.  Crap you see that new plastic kit from Privateer?  It looks like it might be a good starting point to do some crazy Daemon Princes.  Heck it gives me ideas to do a crazy Master Blaster/Thunder Wolf army thing.  I always like the people that made werewolves for their Thunder Wolves.  It just sounds cool.

Speaking of other conversion ideas - I am thinking about that Necron Overlord on a barge/conversion with a Daemon Virus taking over.  Cables - push the Necron lord forward - remove the drivers - maybe add this crazy piece I have some Privateer press - this dude.

Use the center and cables etc.  Might work.  The Nurgle guy will have tubes out the top - probably some kind of blank face idea I have.  Will see if it fits.  I have the power fist/claw thing built.  I just have to fix up the arm a bit.  Woohoo - will take pics and tweet them as I build it.

Oh man - the Space Goats will come back.  I have Centurions already made for the goats so I could do the comb we see all the time.  Will see.  But meh - here is the initial idea - Knight, plus punch, plus some flyers equals kick ass.

HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Thunder Wolf, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Elite: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf, Cyber Wolves X 4
Troops: Blood Claws X 5, Storm Wolf, Skyhammer
Troops: Blood Claws X 5, Storm Wolf, Skyhammer
FA: Thunder Wolves X 3, Storm Shield X 3

Knight Character Dude 


Seems pretty rough - I got enough attacks to hurt people and 2 flyers to get things.  Plus that super Knight is a pain in the ass too with the run, reroll, and etc.  I would just need to some of the flyers to get this type of army ready.  Seems mean as shit too haha.  I just love the idea of a big wolf punch mixed with some flyers.  Plus it might not be too bad to paint.  Need to find a better way to make Servo Arm guys.

I think the book is ok - just not as interesting as it once was.  I see the same thing happening to the Grey Knights next week.  Who would have thought - all these marines so quickly.  But I guess they want to get all the books out with real pics instead of art.  

Some painted models and a bit of art.

The tentacles are coming

Choking you!

Dancing machines!


Space Lasers!

Is this too much plasma?

Oh wait we have more.

Desert raider

This guy was a pain to put together haha.

Some cartoon art - lots of light!

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greggles said...

There is no such thing as too much plasma.

Well...until you kill half your army in one turn of rolling gets hot.