Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some ork army lists I am playing with in my head

I ended up getting another Ork Spearhead at Wonko's. They had a one day sale of 35% off and a spearhead. Hooray extra x-mas/working on Christmas and New Year's Day moneys. I say that now, seeing as I might have issues at my house with some plumbing. Ughs. But enough of that, onto some lists.

List One Trucks A Gogo!!!
Weirdboy upgraded to a warphead
PTS: 90 x 2
12 Slugga/Choppa Ork, Rokkit, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Trukk w/Red Paint
PTS: 162 x 5
20 Shoota Boyz Ork, 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole
PTS: 235
Tankbustas (15), Nob, 'Eavy Armor, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 3 Bomb squigs
Pts: 275 X 2
Burnas (15), 2 Meks
Pts: 225

Total Pts: 2000

Thoughts on the list. Both weirdboys are with the Tankbusta squads. They can either be a cool zzap gun, or give more attacks if they are assaulting a vehicle, or just give them a way to have a teleportin' missile launcha squad of doom that floats around the board. The burnas are there with the other foot sloggin troops, with the trukk boys zooming around. The hope is to hide the first turn, and then pop out and use the waagh the second turn to get some boys into assault. The one Weird Boy might get attached to the Burna squad, but this would just be a test. I almost have enough models for this army. I just need a few more boys damnit.

Other thoughts, adding in two battle wagons, making the one 30 man squad into 20, putting the burnas in another battlewagon and going to town. That would just mean finding a way to convert 2 land raiders out or wait for the Battlewagon kit to come out.

But what do you think? 140+ models on the board is pretty sweet.

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