Monday, December 24, 2007

I bought me some Orks yesterday

I did pretty well with some Xmas money, so I decided to splurg on some Warhammer 40k stuff. Originally I was going to grab another Land Raider or some random fantasy models to make into some Chaos Demons (FU METAL MINIS), but I saw that the ork spearhead box was out and I thought, Hell I what is another 100 bucks when I want me some new ork minis damnit hehe. So yes, I bought it. And here are some thoughts on the new models.

First the truck. Holy poop... That truck is awesome. The sprue is so backed with stuff, and the model looks so neat... Crap, I already have 5 old ork trucks, and right now I am really thinking I am going to have to buy 4 more (I got one now, and a rhino truck I made a few years ago). It is just awesome looking. Can't wait to put it together and paint it up.

Next is the bikes. Damn again... Awesome models. There are just so many bits on there and the bikes themselves look so cool. Hell, I would use these for Chaos bikes, because they look so much better. Of course I would never play Chaos Bikers due to being too expensive and not really a way to get the points back as easily, but still. The models are awesome. There is this huge Chopper axe thingie, that is just begging to be used on a demon prince. I think power klaws are the way to go for any ork Nob, but hey, everyone likes their own type of Warboss/nob/etc.

The Lootas/Burnas are awesome too. I model set up is nice and the quality of the sculpts are great. It is awesome that you can take the left over burnas/lootas and add them to some boys etc and make them nice. And speaking of Boys, the 10 man kit comes with an extra set of legs for the nob, so you get 11 guys for 25. Not too bad, especially when you look at all the stuff it comes with. Rocket launcha, big shoota, power klaw, nob etc. Great fucking kit, and even though I own a lot of boys, I will be buying more of them.

The other stuff in the Spearhead box are some metal minis. There is the Warphead, who is nice looking, as is the shokk attack gun. I don't know if I will play them, but I will surely paint them up. The Tankbustas are ok. I don't like metal minis, but the new ork ones are pretty cool looking. The squig bombs are awesome. I want more damnit haha.

Next post will go into thoughts of my ork army. I have a ton of non painted ones, and want to get this army all finished up by the end of Jan, so I can play in the BFG fun tournament for Feb. I am thinking speed freaks, with 6 trukks and some battlewagons for fun. ORKS FOR THE WIN!!!

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