Saturday, December 29, 2007

So here I sit... Thinking about all the dumb ork lists I want to throw together

And all I can think about is, hell I don't want to pay all these models... sob... Most lists are running at the 140-160+ range. Ughs. And then I list out the amount of stuff I need to buy (lootas, boyz, lootas, boyz, more trucks cuz they are neat... blargh!!!) and I am just thinking. Why do I want to play a horder army??? Arghs... But enough of that, onto a really dumb list. Chatting with Nick from Battle Forge Games we were thinking of running an all bike Ork Army. Yup, all bikes, all the damned time. And Nob bikers to be exact. So dumb... but could be a hell of a lot of fun hehe.

Onto the list.

HQ: Warboss, Bike, Bosspole, Power Klaw (Bike gives him a 4+ cvr and a 4+ save on top)
PTS: 130 X 2 = 260

Elites: Nobz (6), Power Klaw (5), Big Choppa, Bosspole, Painboy Upgrade
PTS: 435 X 2 = 870

Troops: Nobz (6), Power Klaw (5), Big Choppa, Bosspole, Painboy Upgrade
PTS: 435 X 2 = 870

Total 2000 pts Total units 26, total scoring 4 (eep!)

Thoughts? I could always change around and drop down to 4 power klaws per unit with 2 big choppas and see if I can fit in another Nob squad of bikers, but I more worry about leadership tests etc. Also four 5 attack power klaws per unit sounds kinda gross. Not much will live after what is left. But other power fists are gonna suck to mess with. Still a dumb list, but it would be easy to paint up hahahaha.

More ork stuff next week as I start to build it up and see what kind of lists work best, trukks or massive boyz squads with weirdboyz attached to try and get lots of waaghs.


evilamericorp said...

NONONO... the warbosses need attack squigs. DO IT AGAIN!!!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I knew I forgot something damnit. Doesn't help with you don't have the full list to look at right away. Hrm... so that will be some changes up damnit haha.