Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just drank an Expresso shot - so now I post

Alright, work has been fun, and I finally had some free time to paint up the burnas for the Ork order. It is a huge one, so expect lots more dudes showing up on here. Besides that I want to finish some random Possessed for my Fabius Bile army, and then some other random bits and a Valk. Woot.

What did you think of the Siege Dread in the new White Dwarf? Looks pretty damned cool, will see if I get any. Is it worth it for the army? Enh... not so sure. Need drop pods to make fun. Will see, might have to get drop pods again. Ugh dont' want to put them together.

Next up, another reg loota squad, 3 more kans and 2 BW for the ork next wave order. From there, Kommandos will come, some extra other bits, and boyz. This army will be 3000 points when all said and done hahaha. Oh and I think I will play Fabius Bile for Ard Boyz. I just don't care enough to try to win. I don't really need any more armies as I have 2 not put together yet. So I will play for fun hehe :). Look for a list in the next update from this weekend.

Weekend Paint/Build Plans -
15 Reg Lootas - Already built, sprayed and based -
1 Valk - in box, plastic wrapped, and looking at me menacingly - Last model on current order - will be painted inside and magneted up etc - should be an awesome piece when done (at least in my head)
7 Possessed - 3 put together and based - converted with shields from chaos warriors - rep MoT Possessed (yes cheater with 4+ inv save)
1 - Kharn Counts as - was put together, fell down, got kicked - must rebuild :( - he runs with possessed as his homies -
1 - Possessed Rhino - on sprue - not really needed but I want to make one - tentacles and flesh muscle bits - fun - on list cuz I want to think and build it

Next week Plans -
3 Killa Kans - in boxes - need work and to get hammer things for arms
2 BW - Finish off the wagon death horde
1 Land Raider - it is built, just need to spray it and do a cool freehand flame mouth thingie up the side - reg LR not crazy like the pink one I have nor the daemon exploded one

And anything left from this weekend. And probably other stuff - I am always busy :). Please check out the new site - Full of Monkey Designs. It is in html so you can view it on your iphone. I need to tweak some gallery stuff, but it all works and is just easier to navigate. I also locked in the paint style in tiers with the option for clean or dirty etc style (helps pick out what artist :)). Please feel free to check it out. I do offer bulk discounts, as well as upgrade deals (Basing etc, as i have some resin bases and can cut a deal on them too). So shoot me an email at


Faultie said...

Yay! Can't wait to see what you do with the Valk. It may be menacing, but I'm staring at the screen longingly.

Also, those Burnas look crazy, and cool. I like the goggles and bandana-face model.

Faultie said...

Oh yeah, and I like the new site. It's less "web 2.0" style clean than the other, but it's much more user-friendly and I like the layout more.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yeah that is why I changed it up. Will probably go through another change as I mess with it more. Now if I only knew HTML as well, but you can at least see it on the iphone now hah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Goatboy,

Great paint job on those orcs, just a question, how did you achieve the worn, rusted metal look of their guns?

I'm about to start painting a Necron army freshly emerged from crypts, a little worse for wear, and I would love to give your rusted metal painting a technique a spin. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Hi there Robert - a way to get that rust look is pretty simple -

Base them brown
Then heavy paint on there tin bitz
Then dry brush dwarven brass
Dry brush on top - Bolt gun metal bits and any other coppery like metal
Wash with Devlan mud

To add extra to it, base it brown, do all the cracks in a light blue, and then follow the metal steps - it should give this nice copper bits inside the corners of the metal etc.

Faultie said...

Hmmm...interesting. I'm going to have to try that rust technique.

Also: I just finished the last of my Arbites! Thanks for all the help!, if you were to finish that Valkyrie... :P

P.S. Good show on 40kRadio, so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Goatboay,

That sounds like an interesting technique and I look forward to giving it a try. Cheers.