Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goatboy - Woohoo Sunday

This starts my week - I got another week after this and I am off to Adepticon. I want the vacation bad haha. And I guess I want to play some 40k :). Still working on Grey Knight builds. I think I got one that will fit with what I want - plus it isn't a ton of figures and no damned vehicles. F em - tired of painting rhinos for myself. I have wayyyyyy too many.

If you've been reading BOLS you saw my webcomic post up there. I got 7 in the tank, will probably do one or two more later on today. For those interested I used to do a few webcomics back in the day - if you ever read Broad Band My Ass that was me. I also did Little Ghosties too -

Little Ghosties Volume 1
Little Ghosties Volume 2
Broadband My Ass or BBMA

So read some old stuff that is kinda out there at times. The new strip should be fun and the plan is to not just do 40k, but other things that I find absurd in the whole miniature gaming thing we all know and love. Woohoo!

Weekly paint

Nick R
Hellions Batch of 8 - DONE!
Hellions Batch of 7 - DONE TOO!
Vehicle Touchups - Doing them next Saturday

John H
Kharn as World Eaters - DONE TODAY!
Thousand Son Conversion Dude - DONE TODAY!
Dreadnought - Primed

Luis P
10 more Necromunda Dudes - waiting to be glued
10 more Necromunda Dudes - waiting to be glued

3 More Plastic Dudemens - Brewing in my head as we speak
Put magnets on my Word Bearers
Maybe build the troop squad for Iron Warriors

Commissar Death Korps - Build and waiting to prime

Michael S
Ork Bomba - About halfway done being built.

Tomorrow talks about a Grey Knight trick I found. Will see how mad people get at me past midnight. It is a doozy of a trick so will see if it gets FAQ'd or it was meant to be. I even got a good name for it too. After that posts I will talk about my list designs that don't evolve the Vulkan of 2011 Coteaz. I swear I will hate seeing that guy other then killed all those t-shirt wearing punks he brings around. They drink all the beer, only bring Tecate, and eat my Ritz crackers. Damned Jerks.

Some models to look at and I am out to update Full of Monkey.

I know I know - but the model is bad ass looking damnit.

Until next time - ARROOOO!!!


Randroid said...


I didn't see your comic on BoLS yet but I bet that pretty much sums up the comments.

Is that Empire priest and Vampire for mordheim or ???

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Vampire is my Counts as Kharn to give a big FU to Jawaballs :). Hehe. Not really but he did his "mephiston" with that model so I did my Kharn as a Space Vampire D-Bag.

The other guy is actually an Inquisitor. And people liked it too - go check it out - I have done a lot more.

Drkmorals said...

What!!! Hey I feel cheated you had that ork bomber listed for awhile and now no pictures of it? =P

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Forgot to add it to the list - worked on it will get pics as it gets closer. Rivets man - so many rivets.