Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woohoo Wednesday Update

Adepticon, adepticon - coming in a week. Woohoo!! Can't wait. Playing Word Bearers as their official tournament. Will see how I feel about them afterwards. I really want to play Grey Knights so I will probably be working on those lists for awhile to find what kind of nonsense makes me feel good. I still think more guys is better no matter what. Just more and more dudes need to hit the table.

Look for more lists on Bols at some point. Then of course it will come here as I figure things out. Fun times indeed. I don't know how good the army is - they are just too small in a lot of ways or two fragile too. Just not a whole lot of targets which usually makes it easier for your opponent can "choose" better who to shoot or target. Blargh. But will see.

So quick update on where the painting is - I just have magnets to put on some bases to finish my Word Bearers off - as well as get my banner pole built and designed. The plan is to go on my lunch to Home Depot and grab some pvc pipes and connections. Fun times. Here is the banner.

Nick R
Hellions Batch of 8 - DONE!
Hellions Batch of 7 - DONE TOO!
Vehicle Touchups - Doing them next Saturday

John H
Kharn as World Eaters - DONE
Thousand Son Conversion Dude - DONE
Dreadnought - DONE
Test Guy - Still testing to finish - almost done.

Luis P
10 more Necromunda Dudes - Primed going to get done today

3 More Plastic Dudemens - One is done.
Put magnets on my Word Bearers
Grey Knight Master Guy - DONE
Iron Warrior Rifleman Dread - DONE

Commissar Death Korps - Done

Michael S
Ork Bomba - About halfway done being built.

Not sure what I will be bringing tomorrow to the game store. Probably my Word Bearers to get one more game in with them. It is going to be a long weekend as I just can't wait to get out of town for a bit. One more wedding to go to on Saturday and hopefully Sucker Punch later that day and more work on project stuff.

I should get a new commission in next week - some Blood Ravens as well as hopefully some Ork stuff too. So a big couple of months coming for the Goatboy.

Grey Knights - I want to use Crowe cuz he sucks and I think I can make him at least work. Or at least cover the table with Purifiers and other jerks :).

Oh and some minis too!


Anonymous said...

Goatboy- I've been reading BOLS and your stuff for a while now, and as a fellow Chaos player and Dreadnought enthusiast I must say I LOVE your Death Company Iron Hand Dreadnoughts so far!!! Seriously fantastic, dark feel to them. Chaos dreads FTW

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks it should be fun - can't wait to get 3 built :).

Terminus Est said...

Hi Thomas !!

I love the new banner. Very classic Goatboy!

: )


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

You will see it at Adepticon, it is big.

TheKing Elessar said...

Hadn't seen the Rifleman yet, as you know...I am very impressed. Certainly looks the part, colour me impressed! :)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It has that Evil robot look - or as I call it the Ostrich of doom haha. I order more legs - it will be a fully squad of 3.

Terminus Est said...

"It is big."

Hee hee