Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday before Adepticon

Not really nervous - just excited to get a vacation into 40k fun. You all know what I plan on playing - Grammar Wolves! Woohoo. Full list will be posted on Bols at some point. No razorbacks either so everyone can shut the hell up haha. I also finished up some commission work this week and overall had a crazy paint week. This week will be slow due to just setting things up and getting ready for the road trip from hell hah.

Last week I did the following

20 Necromunda Guys
16 Hellions - Including the Baron
4 CSM terminators
2 Special Chaos Conversion dudes
1 Dreadnought
1 Rifleman Ostrich Dreadnought
Magnetized the rest of the Grammar Wolves
Drew one Plastic Dudemens.

A good week overall. This week with models already completed.

3 CSM Terminators - DONE TODAY
1 Ostrich Riflemen Dread Iron Warriors Style - DONE TODAY
1 Iron Warriors Rhino - DONE TODAY
10 Necromunda Guys - Need to build and prime tonight - I have done 150 so far!?!?!
9 Iron Warriors - Build them at least so I can say I have one full troop squad
1 Metal Old Dreadnought for IW - Might be the Librarian - Might just be the Death Company one - Not sure yet - Halfway Built
1 Plastic Dudemens - Maybe - I got an idea.

So far I have some interesting Grey Knights thoughts. Most likely a good core of 30 to 40 scoring troops. The guys are fragile no matter what you think of 3+ armor especially when you mix in that no matter what they are the only threat the army has. That is what I find interesting in all the lists - if all you have is Razorbacks then it is easy for the opponent to choose what to kill. I mean really - there is no bad option to shoot at as the range you have is short and it is easy to figure out the threat. Just shoot what is going to get within 24 and call it a day. Yeah you could assault them but really if you are seeing small weenie squads of 5 in a box then just shoot them. You can easily do 6 or so wounds and that kills 2 of them most of the time. Get that Justicar out of there and they are leadership 8 - welcome to Tank shocking for the win. That is just me. But hell I like to play full 10 man squads.

I am enjoying the Iron Warriors build so far. It is fun and it looks neat. Who knows how good the army will be as it is low on overall troop choices. Yes there are 4 but I only have 20 true scoring units and lots of robots. But F it I love me some robots damnit! Look for one more post on Wednesday before I go and hopefully get another dreadnought or two from the Iron Warriors side.

Another neat thing I drew on my friends Battle Foam bag. I just whipped this up in about 20 or so minutes on the bag. Markers are fun. I plan on bringing some markers when I hit Adepticon so if you want something give me a shout and some booze and I can sketch something out. Unless of course you hate it and me.

And of course some models to look at.

Alright that is it for now. WOOHOO!


Terminus Est said...

Hey Thomas! Kenny and I are throwing a Toga party on Saturday night! You and all the BoLS guys are cordially invited to attend. Bring Brent along too. It's gonna be lots o fun for sure.

I'm bringing my Blood Angels for the championship. They are ready to rock and roll.

See ya there brosef !


Brian Carlson said...

Nice bag art... markers for the win. Looking forward to seeing all you Texas guys this year. Been following/lurking on BoLS daily since last Adepticon.

Bushido Red Panda said...

Heh, sweet BBF.

You could have just said it was my bag Thomas. :) It kicks ass!

An Enemy said...

That bag looks great.