Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goatboy - Um It's Tuesday and its Fired already!

I was going to write up a blog yesterday - but worked sucked donkey balls. No outages but just people calling in. We survived and I just worked on some mini stuff you will see down below. I got a lot painted after getting back from Alamo so hopefully this is a gang busters week. Mix that with all my regular shows ending and I got a very bored Goatboy hah.

Speaking of shows - Who is watching Grimm? I haven't seen the season finale - but I probably will tonight after hanging out with some of the Bols crew for drinks, chats, and other nonsense. Beyond that it was a good weekend at the Alamo and I went 3-1-1 with Battle Wagon orks. I got greedy on the lose and forgot some rules about boarding planks that would have probably changed the outcome. Interesting things those boarding planks.

Fun boarding plank info - you can assault during your opponents assault phase if someone is within 2 inches of your wagon. Also let's say some buds are locked in combat with a dread and you drive by and stay within 2 inches - go ahead and smack that Dreadnought. You control the assault phase - and this is a seperate assault so you can do that first and then deal with the Dreadnought combat if you don't claw that mutha up. Fun times indeed.

Other interesting things - my lootas sucked as I had no terrain to hide in and abuse. It was just a lame day for those 15 converted jerks. They are done and I am going for a different list when I head up to VA for Rob Baer's store Birthday in a week or so. Will have a big post soon about it - talking about bags, me, and kung fu.

So with that in mind - quick little game run down. Each Battle Wagon was a different color so I could judge who wast he best color overall.

Game 1: Kirk - GK - Very nice fluffy army with one of everything and no vehicles to Deff Rolla/Boarding Blank. Set up was Pitched Battle.

Mission: Beachhead - Sieze Ground (5 Objectives) - Secondary Objective: The player who controls more table quarters achieves this objective.

Kirk was a cool guy with a nice fluffy GK list with Mordrak and a bunch of none duplicated options. The Dreadknight killed off the lootas and Ghaz ran back and punched him in the dingus. His lack of overall range hurt him as I was able to either keep out of 24 or have 14 armor in the face of 24 inches. I removed all the GK from the table and poor Thawn broken by wounds and chased off the table. Max points to me.

Winning Battlewagon color - Red Wagon - 1 Termie - broke the Termies, and Broke the combat squaded Strikes with the Libbie as well.

Game 2: Steve - Tyranids - Nice army with Hive Guard who were kicking the crap out of my wagons (Almost all died except the blue who rolled a double 1 to get out of terrain on the first turn - I guess going slow worked for him). Set up was Spearhead.

Mission: Forward Post - Capture and Control - Secondary Objective - Secure the area surrounding the enemy forward command post. The player with the most units outside of both players deployment zones achieves the secondary objective.

I again played a no vehicle army so my Boarding planks were very sad. Finally my Lootas did ok as they shot a Tervigon first turn and blew that guys mind. The hive guard were rocking my world and I set up a very good Ghazghul charge that took out the other Tervigon and then he got into more Tyranid goodies and started chomping guys up. I took his objective with the Blue Battle Wagon with some guys in there. He got the secondary in the end. 16 points to me.

Winning Battle Wagon - Blue Wagon - Helped take the base - run over some guys and survived till the end of the game.

Game 3 - Kill them... Kill them All! Matt with GK. Normally GK list - Paladins, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Strike Squads in Rhinos, 1 Inceptor squad and 1 Dreadknight.

Mission: Annihilation : Secondary - Get everything under half strength.

Well I lost this one and got greedy when I could have helped even if up. It was a good game for once versus a local guy. We have odd games where it is so swingie that is is annoying. Almost as bad as my games versus JWolf where it just feels like I am fighting a slap fight versus a punch dance contest. I forgot about how boarding planks work so messed up in their usage. Again another game where I couldn't make a 4+ cover save for the life of me. The Dreadknight killed my lootas again as usual. The unhighlight was deff rollaing a rhino, penetrating with the initial ram, not destroying it, and then not killing it wih the 3 Deff Rolla hits I rolled as well. I was set up to Tank shot the rhino, a dread, and 2 squads of guys in a glorious deff rolla deff march. But I missed so I was sad. Little did I know that I could just scoot past it - deff roll guys and then claw something near me. Oh well I learned a lot in this game and had a great time. Ghaz killed another Dreadknight as well. Loss - 4 points - Matt didn't get the Secondary cuz Ghaz is a boss.

Winning Battle Wagon - Orange - Only killed 1 Rhino. Wagons were Lame this game.

Game 4 - Blitzkrieg!! - Zach with Space Wolves and 3 Super Wolf Lords with all the goodies. 12 Missiles, 30 Grey Hunters and some dogs and Wolf Scouts. Good kid from Houston. Set up was Pitched Battle.

Mission - Capture and Control with the Secondary having the most Scoring units in your opponents Deployment Zone.

My plan was to go 13 and I went 13. I ran across the table as Zach tried to pepper things with Missiles. I basically took one unit of Long Fangs out of the game and Zach pretty much took out the Lootas again. I got lucky when the Wolf Scouts rolled a 1 and didn't come out on my side with my objective. Ghaz got into the 3 Wolf Lords all Waaghed up, killed the 2 non Saga of the Bear guys and chased off the last one. All in all the game went my way when a melta strike missed on a wagon and I was able to come forward rolling over Rhinos. I took his objective and held mine. Lootas sucked again, I think killing one Missile Launcher guy and maybe one Grey Hunters. Ghaz more then doubled his points with his Hate. Full win for me.

Winning Battle Wagaon - The Blue one. Killed 3 Rhinos and helped hold the objective.

Game 5 - JWolf with his "I haven't lost yet Tau!". Remember the Alamo.

Mission - Sieze Ground - 5 Objectives and the secondary was kill certain none troop units. You got 4 points.

For once me and John had a normal rolling game. Dawn of War versus Tau sucks when you go second. In fact I think I went second every game. Lord - and not being opened top was bad. I did try to Deff rolla the flyers. I didn't get one but my claw did do some work on them. All in all a good game that was a draw down the line with normal dice rolls. Ghaz was a boss as usual - doing his normal thing with punching things as needed.

Winning Battle Wagon - Blue - it lived the longest.

Overall winner - BLUE!!! Woohoo! Our buddy Kingsley won with CSM and getting 4 Fluff bunny results. Hooray for keeping it in Austin again!

Alright with that done - let's get onto the paint list for the week.

Plastic Dudesmen - Got it drawn - need to scan and color
Charity art banner top - Got it drawn - need to color
Kommandos - 9 of them - for next week.
1 Snikrot - need to convert
Bols Khador guy - Done!

Luis P
7 Mordheim guys - Done!
2 Death Korp Guys - Done!
10 more Mordheim Guys - Primed!

Russel - Counts As Demons - Rats!
6 Fiends - Need to Build and Paint!

5 Beastmasters - Build and Paint!

I am sure there will be others so will see. How about some painted models eh?

Alright new list on Thursday - more Orks!


daKING said...

thanks for the Goatboy shout out!


Brandon Griffith said...

Good for Kings on the overall; He's no doubt gotten good at focusing his entire army assault at any Thunderwolves.

daKING said...

I like how my last "practice" game I got tabled. Thanks Brandon lol

Brandon Griffith said...

I just wanted to keep you on your toes, lest you get overconfident and flubb your ability to compete. :)