Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday - Another day and Another Dolla

Woohoo it is Friday and I went ahead and said F it to OT on Monday. I am off to FTW games next week so I only have a 2 day work week. It means Plastic Dudesmens needs to get done this Weekend. Woohoo! ART!

Lately I have been enamored with my orks again. I think painting a couple of big armies makes me miss my green skins. So with that in mind I plan on taking them to FTW this next weekend. Will see how it goes.

So with that - let's do a little blurb about.

Thursday May 31st thru June 3rd I will be at FTW Games in Midlothian, VA for the store's 2nd Birthday. That's right - Mr. Baer's store has been around for 2 years and just like last year I will be up there throwing dice, playing games, and getting your bags drawn on.

I should be getting in time to throw down on the late night 40k action that Thursday and I will be planning to squish things with Deff Rollas and cause people to complain about how the Ork codex is broken.

Here are some bags I did this other weekend at the Alamo as well as some new stuff!

I plan on bringing my orks and I am just slowly working on the pieces to get it all together. I am keeping my Core of 3 BW and I just want to look at either adding some random trukks for scoring or other options to help me out. Will see. Of course I need to get to painting some things but I am sure I will have a nice soul crushing army. look for my final list before I leave.

I will be up there with Jawaballs, Mr. Baer himself, Kenny and Mr. Paul "Sweat Pants" Murphy himself. I hear Mr. Brandt might come down as well so it will be a grand ole time as we yell about 6th edition, prices, and which booze is the best.

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