Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday - Monday - Monday - Woohoo Monday!

Whoa it's Monday and I am posting. Amazin! These last few months have been a slow kick in the junk professionally. Lucky for me my job is still here, I have some good clients, and my wife rocks. Blargh!

Go see Avengers. It is bad ass. Really - one of the best comic book movies. I loved Dark Knight but it wasn't a comic book movie. This is a straight comic book movied made by someone who loves them obviously. So go see it and support these types of movies.

With that out of the way - let's start the paint list.

Plastic Dudesmen - need to get the final script and draw it up.
2 Mournfang Cav - Need to build and primed
Display Board - For Alamo - got the pieces need to get the business end done.
Maybe test model - Will see if I have time - It is burning a whole in my design head.
Adepticon Figure - Built/Primed

Start the big Beast Squad
3 Razorwings out of 8 - Built
5 Dogs - Built
Work on the Baron customer build

Luis P
9 More Mordhiem - Done Last night!
9 more Empire - Built

Mike N
10 More Orks - Built
10 More Orks - In Pieces - will finish off the lot of 40

I am sure I will paint other things as well. I got lots of small stuff I want to try and do too, but with me working again this Sunday I might lose some decent build time.

I played a game this weekend with my new GK build. The one I listed last week. It was a fun game versus Neil and we should have battle reported it. It gave me a good feelin on the list and I think it will work alright in the end.

With that in mind a bunch of minis I painted up last week as well.

The Ogre Firebelly was a lot of fun to paint. Woohoo! Onto the next one!

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Unholy_Martyr said...

After Seeing the Avengers, I totally want to make a 40K Themed list after them...that's just me though.