Monday, September 17, 2012

Later Monday then I wanted too.

I didn't get an upload of a bunch of painted stuff. Woot. Got one game in - and my opponent stopped on turn 3. My list was a bit annoying for his so it was ok. I wanted to see how it worked and what could be changed to make things more interesting for my opponents. But the idea behind it was solid. I posted it on BOLS so most should know and like or hate it etc. Woohoo. I think it can get transferred to CSM when that new book comes out. It just feels like something I can do with that - and instead use Cheap ass cultists and CSM to hold my lines and just flood the board in jerks. Will see if I want to add in Necrons or Orks. Both have good options. If not Demons come in too which isn't too terrible. Will just have to wait and see.

So far 6th is really the game of controlling resources. This can be from giving your opponent resources (easy to get VP), taking them from your opponent easier (first blood), or just controlling the resources (flooding the field and controlling Objectives). Really that seems to be the case for 6th and no matter what people say this is an extremely competitive game utilizing your strengths over the army. Player choices start all the way from the beginning and really with increased terrain the game will just become more interesting. It is great as it gives players like me who end up relying on the movement phase to win. I can't roll for crap at times. I did get some new dice in Vegas that fit my color scheme (black with red pips). Plus you can see them when I roll em. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being to read the dice when you play someone. Jerks haha.

Alright onto the paint list then minis and some art.

Test Word Bearer X 2 with Test new base idea - Building it tonight to paint up tomorrow
Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn
Might do another Ork Test with Tank tracks - Need to build

6 More Drones - Need to get a few more to finish
16 Kroot - Finish off this commission woot!

Luis P
He loved the Dark Vengeance stuff so I got more to do.
20 Cultists - Done!
10 Tact Squad - 3 are done - 5 more Primed - needed 2 more non beaky ones to finish
6 More Bikers - In Pieces
1 Metal Chaos Sorc - Need to match the Chaos Army

I am sure there will be other ones too - it just keeps ramping up as I build more models and get stuff done. I am on hold with waiting for my DV boxes to come in and getting ready for CSM. Plus Horus Heresy is looking sweet!

Minis and Art!

More later on this week. Woohoo!


Unknown said...

Love that art you made for us Mr. Goat, it's awesome!

Terminus Est said...

Hey Thomas how did you convert the Destroyer Lord ?

Pretty darn sweet !!


Joe Piccirilli said...

I'm dying to know what kind of bases you're using! Are they custom or resin or what?

Sweet paint job btw !

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Steve - he is converted out of a Tomb Blade bike and other bits. you have to buy 6 to get a squad of 5 so a guy gave me one.

Reese glad you like the Art - it was fun to doodle up and just came together quickly.

The Bases are just made from a regular base, some corkboard, and small bits of basing. Then I just paint them up to look like lava. Cheap as hell hehe.

Zab said...

Really nice stuff. When I first saw your painting I thought it was a bit splapdash and sloppy but on closer inspection it's really more like a John Blanche type style in 3d. Very cool!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks a lot - that is really how many brain works when painting. I look at it as more of a painting and come at it with an "expressionist" style wanting more info with color then making sure all those "armor" lines work haha.

Wait till you see my new Inquisitor that will be up for Raffle at Feast. It screams Blanche :).

Zab said...

I like the way you do white on a lot of your vehicles particularly the chaos/renegades. It looks hastily painted on or just really worn and dirty - very effective.