Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monday! Hooray Monday!

I have been working on lists lately - trying to think of ways to go straight Chaos.  I have to design out lists that are interesting.  Or at least I think they are.  I also painted some stuff this weekend as well which you will see down below. But let's look at lists.

Currently I want to use Typhus and Zombies to try and figure out if he is needed in decent chaos lists. The game has turned away from decent close combat units and has gone into board control and either survivable scoring units or kicking ass shooting units.  I have some ideas but will see if I can get some assault options to work well (besides screamers).

So let's look at my initial start add ons for an army.

HQ: Typhus - 230pts
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25 - 110pts
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25 - 110pts
Heavy: Obliterators X 3, MoN - 218pts (shit I hate how it doesn't work out to 5 or a 0 for the total.  BULLSHIT)

Total = 668pts

This gives me board control as well as some decent shooting.  I don't think people are giving a good look at Oblits and I want to see if I can get them to work.  I just bought 3 instead of converting and I want to mess with them.  Will see if I get pissed and just move on to Havocs again or something else.

From there I want 2 Dragons.  I really enjoy zooming around and breathing Fire.  It is awesome.  So let's add in 2 since I painted 2.  Fuck it is annoying to paint those shits.  I will do a how too before long for BOLS so look for that.

FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer - 170pts

Total = 340pts

This leaves me at 1008 right now.  The Zombies hold objectives but do jack shit in engaging the opponent.  In fact it is why I am only running 2 sets of them.  It just doesn't feel right to run more as all it does is create a layer of annoyance.

So I do need another squad of troops.  I could go with Plague marines as Typhus activates them as troops but I just don't know.  They don't seem to do as much for me.  I have a box of Forge World upgrades that I could make into more Plague marines - but I just don't get that nice feeling with them.  As I am looking at doing a 1750 list right now I have to keep things interesting to ensure they work out well enough.

I could add in a Chaoslord with the MoS as I have a ton of Noise Marines made. Let's look at that.

HQ: Chaoslord, MoS - 80pts
Troops: NSM X 15, Sonic Blasters X 14, Icon of Excess - 342pts

Right now I am at 1440 and I have a gimp for a Chaos Lord.  I could dump some points in him to make it interesting but then I don't know if it is worth it.  There are some things I could do.  I could dump the Chaos Lord for a Sorcerer which would let me create a unit with Biomancy that is annoying.

I would need to get another troop choice.  So let's amp up the Noise Marines and get something a little more mean.

HQ: Sorcerer, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar - 125pts
Elites: Noise Marines X 20, Sonic Blasters X 18, Icon of Excess, Blast Masters X 2 - 496 (In the Dingus!)
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25 - 110pts

This sits me at 1749pts and seems like a decent starting point for an army.  Here it is all written out.

HQ: Typhus
HQ: Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
Elites: NSM X 20, Sonic Blasters X 17, Blast Masters X 2, Icon of Excess
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25
Troops: Plague Zombies X 25
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer
FA: Heldrake, Bale Flamer
Heavy: Obliterators X 3, MoN

Will it work?  Who the hell knows.  If I go to 1850 I might drop the NSM squad down to 15, get something interesting and see how it goes. 2 Maulerfiends might be good.  Will have to see.  Hell I really want to try the following two units.

HQ: Chaoslord, MoK, Blinding Axe, Chaos Bike, Sigil of Corruption, Veteran of the Long War - 160pts
FA: Chaos Bikers X 10, MoK, Meltagun x 2, Power Axe, Veterans of the Long War - 275pts

The only issue is that it gives me Berzerkers as troops and I am not a fan of them right now.  Still that unit would hit like a ton of bricks.  You could drop the Bike for a Jugger - I just like the option to turbo boost if need be.  You would think Typhus would have to be a part of the army to get cheap troops and you wouldn't be far from wrong.  Drop this instead of the NSM bomb and see if getting mixed in with the enemy might be better.  Hell at that time you get some Demon friends with Screamers and just go to town.

Lord lots of things.  I will be playing less then 2000 pts most of the time it seems.  I think the games move better and it would be nice to ensure faster games etc.  Will just see if I can get more in.  This Thursday I will try not to stay out too late hanging out with some friends before I make it back and get in  a game.  Dragons for the win!

Let's do my paint list for the week.

2 Plastic Dudesmen - Drawn just need to build them - might end up only doing one as sometimes sitting on an idea will make it look like crap.
1 Blast Master - Built him today -
1 NSM Aspiring Champ - Might as well have a real one to look at.  Got the parts
Forgefiend/Mauler - If I have enough magnets this bastard will get built for the weekend painting.

4 Cultists with Spec Weapons - Built
2 Tactical Guys - Built
1 Random Jump Pack guy - Built
I will start building the Vets as well for some painting this weekend I hope.

1 Dragon - Going to build it tomorrow
1 Dragon - Maybe do another one?

And I want to try and paint one Cryx guy to finish out the initial paint batch for Chris.  It is just one guy and I haven't touched this set for a bit.  Waiting to get finished up with payment and the last guy then it is on to another batch later on.

The week is pretty small and I painted up a ton of stuff beyond the list last week.  It is just how I do it.  I get an itch in my brain and I want it for my army - thus the added on Obliterators.  Check it out with some crazy art I doodled up too.

Got bored and thought of this.  Want me to do more?

NSM - with Miniguns and Tesla gun from Maxmini. Skin tone is the Albino tone I have figured out to my liking - Base Screamer Pink, Then Slaanesh Grey, Followed by highlights of Palid Wych Flesh.  Wash Agrax and call it a day.  

Oblits that are MoN - green flesh tone is pretty easy to too.  Loren Forest, Screaming Skull (Rotten Flesh), then Palid Wych Flesh - wash as needed.  You can go more Green or browns depending on your mood.  Are people interested in my paint formulas for doing stuff?

Another Dragon.  This leaves me at 2 and most likely the Max I will have.  I have 2 more to do for a client as well.  Fun times indeed.

Last of the Bikers so far for Luis.  I might get more but this sits me at 24.  Lots of dudes riding on Lava.

What more Terminators?  I think this hits me at 15 with more sitting in a box waiting on Hammers to come in.  The Heavy Flamer is an upgrade/swap etc.

That is it for now - more this week as I start to delve into list building and decide if I want to take orks as my friends (I like the new models I painted).


HOTpanda said...

Dig the art for the playing cards but I think if you are going to go with a Chaos themed deck you should swap the traditional suits out for the four gods of chaos. Hell if you did an entire chaos deck and the price was reasonable I would buy a deck.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I was thinking just the Primarchs etc - but who the heck knows. Either way it was an experiment into getting one to look decent enough - without stepping on design toes hahah.

Zab said...

Yep. I really like the card idea. It's like the paper version of the whole chess idea with the minis, but with full creative control...

Terminus Est said...

Great work on the Hell Drake bro !!

Lanius said...

What if you were to finish the deck and put them in the swag bags at the next WarGamesCon? Just a thought

Unknown said...

Hey goat those models look really good, I am a fan of your painting. Hell you even made the god aweful model that is the hell drake look good, but don't get me wrong its still a shit model along with the dog fiends. I love chaos but man are those models ugly. Sorry for the little rant dude. Keep the good looking minis coming.