Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woohoo Sunday?

Lord I worked a lot this week.  I am helping covering for vacation/promotion/firing etc so I will be working a lot haha.  I am going to save up some cash to get a new desktop computer.  My wife uses the laptop a lot so I figured I need something to do art etc on.  Fun times indeed.

So with that in mind I painted a ton of crap this last weekend.  Let's start with my new list for the week as well - then an army list and then what I painted.  Woohoo!

Plastic Dudesmen - Need to do a new one
More Zombies - Sure need to do more
Maybe a new CSM squad to fill the field
Really a lot of stuff I need to order some stuff.
Finish some Logo stuff
Finish some art stuff

2 Storm Land Speeders
1 Terminator Lord
1 Terminator Librarian
Probably a ton more random stuff too.  I find it and build it out.

Woohoo - yeah so the list is odd but I finished a crap ton of stuff these last two days (20 zombies, 2 Night Scythes, 10 Immortals, Dark Angel Characters, Sorcerer, Cryx thing).  So yeah - I caught up pretty well haha.

Current List - Played a game with a slight tweak but the player quit when I cast the Hallucination power on some Wraiths in combat and made them not be able to attack the spawn.  He had a bit of a rough game before with one player not happy with playing his list so he wasn't prepared for the nonsense.  Oh well. I found the 5 flyers too much and I think I only need one Dragon.

HQ: Typhus
HQ: Sorcerer, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
HQ: Sorcerer, Lvl 3, Spell Familiar
HQ: Necron Lord
Troops: Plague Zombies X 35
Troops: Cultsits X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Cultists X 10
Troops: Warriors X 5, Night Scythe
Troops: Immortals X 10, Tesla, Night Scythe
FA: Heldrake, Baleflamer
Heavy: Obliterators X 3, MoN
Heavy: Doom Scythe
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun

2000 pts - dual force org.  Lots of nonsense designed to do well.  I want to test some more with it so will see.  It is fully painted now for the most part.  Need to do some more zombies as I have 35 done so far.

If I drop 5 Immortals I can fit more.  Will see.

Let's show some models eh.

Final Cryx guy for Chris to finish off the initial batch.  Woohoo.

Flyer 2 for the Crons - fun times.  

Whoa another one!  I am some kind of jerk.

Tesla assholes #1.

Some Warriors to finish out the final batch.

My customer Sorcerer.  I got it in my head to do another one and I thought hell I needed another one.

Final batch of 20 zombies to make it 35.  I need to make 15 more and write up a review for Bols.  Fun times indeed.  Look for it this week.

Some DA characters for Luis as usual.

Final batch of scouts.  Will put together some Storms later on this week.

Some more characters as well.  Old school metal nonsense.

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