Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forgot to post new painted work

As well as some stuff I finished this week. I forgot to get these two VC stuff photographed, so I might have to not give them to the guy till Saturday or something. Damnit. I knew I forgot something. I was busy with wedding stuff so it kept me busy last night. I did finish the Valk so that is all good in the hood. Beyond that, I drew up two things for the same Arbites guy as well as finished up two spawn for Bushido Red Panda. If anyone is interested in art - shoot me an email. I work pretty quickly as you can tell.

In the coming months I will most likely have a ton more ork stuff (3 Kans hoping to come this weekend), my own personal Marines, and maybe some Death Korps guys from a large order. All Forgeworld stuff which is pretty neat to paint up.

But yeah some painted stuff.


Faultie said...

It's finally done! I'm finally free of Goatboy's devious, artistic grip!

Seriously, all the work looks great and it's been fantastic to work with Goatboy. He's a class act.

Unknown said...

Haha it will be a while before he can say that about my orks but as Andrew said the work Goatboy does looks great and he excellent to work with

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Woot, your orks will never release me... I guess I bleed green eh?