Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Woot - sorry for the lack of Updates

Been somewhat busy, with 4th weekend, wedding stuff, and trying to finish stuff -

Currently on the block -
Ork Order - 3 Killa Kans, 2 BW - 1 Kan together, 1 half, other in pieces
Arbite Order - Valk - (put together, base done, need to paint) - plus some drawings for the guy
Some of my own stuff - Maybe Thirster, maybe some daemons - maybe some art

I have gotten some emails about future stuff, so stay tuned for some more nonsense coming down. Last week I finished - 2 Vampire characters, 3 oblits (conversion to paint), Chaos Vindicator as shown, and some more art. Art above woot.

This week might be busy, ard boyz, wedding to go too, my wedding stuff to do - shit lots of fun eh? Hope to get some time to finish up some art stuff and just chill out. Thank goodness my tv shows are back (Burn Notice, True Blood, Hung, Top Chef Masters, The Fashion Show, Royal Pains). It is amazing what a week without some cool shows to watch does to me. I needs me some entertainment damnit! But yeah - look for an update I hope on Thursday with some new freshly painted shiznit. Woot.

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