Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welp the orks and Arbites got there

Small bits of breakage - but all on glue seams (yay!) - Both were rather large orders, the orks had a ton of metal bits (Ghaz, Snik, 9 Killa Kans, 10 Meganobz, my hatred of metal minis) and the arbites had a ton of vehicles in it. But they both made it there with minimal damage. It is easy to ship 10 guys, but when it gets into the 60+'s it might be worth it to just buy a sabol or battle foam case, box it up and send it on its way. Hehe. but enough of that - here are some of the things I did this end of weekend and beginning of this week. Right now it is in a lull period as I await the coming of the IG orders of doom. Lots and lots of tanks and army dudes are hitting my studio as well as the painters I work with. Fun times indeed! Besides this I painted 3 Chaos Knights I forgot to take a picture of. Also some Deff Koptas will be coming in a day or so. Woot hooray for paint drying fast!

More this weekend and a bunch of other things as I look at the end of the Ork order and see the coming of the steel treads of doom.


Faultie said...

With Goatboy's help, I met my goal of 3500pts of Arbites in 2 months, and they look great!

A few minor breaks is no big deal, especially considering the box and contents made 2 trips through the mail (although I'm still baffled how the whole side came off the Macharius!) Regardless, quick fixes, all.

Thanks GB!

Unknown said...

3500 pts is pretty impressive :)

Same here though, just a few minor breaks here and there but all were simple fixes. Everything looks awesome though! Goatboy can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with my orks haha

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

And 3 Koptas done and messing around with the warboss on a "bike" heh.

Yeah odd how that came off. Weird indeed. The big tank. It was wrapped around and shouldn't have "moved". and it survived getting to me put together too.

Faultie said...

Mainly I'm amazed because it was the biggest, sturdiest model of the whole lot.

All those little bits on the battlewagon stayed put, but not the whole friggin' side of the Macharius?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Yeah exactly. When you shipped it to me, it was just in the bottom of a bunch of foam peanuts too. Damnit thing. Hahaha.

Shaper Jhae said...
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