Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goatboy - Moving onto to Fast Attack and Heavy

Alright - lets finish off this unit review. I've started my Nid review on BOLS today, so I figure I need to finish off this Space Wolf review. So lets start with the Fast Attack and get into my favorite section of the new codex.

Fast Attack - In your face since 39999.

Thunder Wolf Calvary - This is the Shiznit!
I know everyone has heard how bad ass these are, so me repeating it is rather pointless. Just know these guys are really good. So good that this is the choice that makes the Army really tick. If the opponent doesn't deal with them first turn, expect them as well as their friends to split up and run wild over everyone they hit. I will run either a 5 man squad with just a powerfist, or a small 3 man squad with one fist and one storm shield to allow for wound allocation. These guys will normally kill more then their points cost. 6 attacks base on the charge, rending and strength 5. Now if they only had a bump in Weapon Skill I would be in heaven.

10/10 - You can wait for the models, convert Canis or just do what I did - make a Chaos Army and use Juggernauts. Whatever you do, you want to run these if you are running Space Wolves

Swiftclaw Pack - Ugh
I wish that they would have allowed you to take a lord on a bike and activate a Grey Hunters bike army. Oh how I wish I could have done that, as it would have made the choice of Thunder Wolf or not a much harder one. But alas they decided not to do this and saddle you with a crappy Ballistic skill. I wish they would have been better and somehow floated over to the troop choice. This would have made me really think of weather to choose Grey Hunters or these guys.

1/10 - Um - just no.

Skyclaw Assault Pack - What about Suckclaw or Crapclaw?
Again just like the swiftclaw pack, you are saddled with lower skills but the same point cost. Needing a leader to help you out just does not sit well with me. Also getting hit on 3+ is no good, especially when dealing with some of the upcoming Tyranid codex shenanigans.

1/10 - Poop!

Land Speeder Squadron
Just like the marine counter part, this isn't a "bad" option. I think two Tyhpoon Missile launcher ones might be worth it, mixed with one large Thunder Wolf Cavalry to help keep some fire away from them. If you need more melta this migh be the way to look for it.

6/10 - Just like the marine one so no weird wolf crap to make it more interesting. Maybe if it had wolf speakers to blare out heavy metal or something.

Fenrisian Wolf Pack
This is what Skyclaws wish they were. This is the other little secret unit in the codex that can help you win games. They are fast, annoying and with a simple character they become a threat to small combat squads. I wish they scored when they became troops but then I would think they would end up being too "good". I guess they just can't sit and stay that well.

8/10 - If you got extra points then get a squad of these. They screen, move fast and can do annoying things to small specialized squads.

Alright that is the Fast Attack choices lets move onto the Heavy choices in the book.

Heavy - CAN YOU DIG IT!!!

Long Fangs Pack - Devastators can suck it!!
This is my favorite choice in the heavy section. The only crap thing is that they can't get beyond 6 models. So when you lose a guy, you really lose a good friend from this unit. I normally like to equip them with 3 to 4 Missile Launchers and either a Heavy Bolter or maybe a Lascannon. This is the cost that Devastators should have been for Space Marines.

8/10 - Wish they could take more guys but I can't have it all right?

Predator/Whirlwind/Vindicator - Looks the same, just a different color.
I combined these all together as they are all basically the same from the Space Marine codex. The only one I might take is the Predator as it is the cheapest and usually the least one paid attention too. It is something about the big cannon on the Vindicator that just makes it a target for my opponents wrath. To make that choice worth wile you need at least 2, and that takes away from your Long Fangs.

Predator 6/10 - Whirlwind 4/10 - Vindicator 4/10 - There are "better" choices that cost the same.

Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer/Regular Flavored - Big Metal box of doom
I have a Land Raider Crusader and Redeemer painted for my Space Goats army. I have always had a soft spot for the Land Raider and any chance to play a Crusader will always make me happy. I think it is due to being able to drive 6 and shoot everything like some kind of spastic kid on Skittles. Versus certain armies this is a little death machine and then other armies it is just a paper box. If you want to run them, you need at least 2 to ensure that you can keep something scoring at the end. 3+ and you got some annoyance for your opponent.

LRC 6/10 - LRR 5/10 - LRR 5/10 - I have a soft spot for these as I own 5 LR's currently and will probably get one or two more.

Alright that goes through all the units in the codex. I am sure you have all seen the Space Goats army I play through these last few months. Here is my currently FU list.

HQ: Wolf Lord, Thunder Wolf Mount, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Saga of the Bear, Runic Armor, 2 Fenris Wolves
HQ: Canis, 2 Fenris Wolves
HQ: Rune Priest
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolf Tooth Necklace, 4 Cyber Wolves
Elites: Iron Priest, Thunder Wolf Mount, Wolf Tooth Necklace, 4 Cyber Wolves
Elites: Wolf Guard, Power fist 2, MoW
Troops: Grey Hunters 5, Meltagun, MoW, Razorback
Troops: Grey Hunters 5, Meltagun, MoW, Razorback
Troops: Grey Hunters 8, Meltagun, MoW, Rhino
Heavy: Long Fangs 6, ML 5
Fast Attack: Thunder Wolf Cavalry 3, Power Fist, Storm Shield
Fast Attack: Thunder Wolf Cavalry 3, Power Fist, Storm Shield

I am tempted to up the Grey Hunters squads up depending on the metagame etc. This is a 2000 point list and is really starts working on Turn 2. If you have a bad first turn shooting at this then really look for the game to end in my favor. But will see as I am always changing and testing out new stuff.


Raptor1313 said...

I'm with you on the speeders; metal would make them cooler.

If you're not gonna go with the T-wolves, though, I'd get them or nothing for the fast attack section.

Well, other than the Fenrisian wolves. Then again, if you're going to take them, I think you're going to take Canis and use one or two of them as delivery units for HQ units, and then take a T-wolf cav unit or two. Hilarity will ensue.

I think, though, that's kind of the big reason you go Space Wolves: the T-wolf Cav.

Anonymous said...

Very nice job with the SW review, it was concise and well-explained. I am also pleased that my current (Still unplayed) list matches up with your reccomendations, except I am currently including a vindicator and a speeder or two.