Friday, December 25, 2009

Goatboy - Now onto the Troops

Goatboy here again - first of all wishing everyone a Merry Xmas - May it be Xtreme and full of boltgun shells and other nonsense heh. Today/Tonight I want to continue my late Space Wolves Codex unit review. So lets look at troops.

Grey Hunters - We remembered to bring bolt pistol holsters and knife scabbards.

There isn't much to say about them. They can do a lot. They score, have a nice offensive output, and are designed pretty well. What I mean by this is that they have some nice abilities with a nice weaken design that helps make them "fair". Now we all are like, damn these guys are better then CSM with the cool benefit of ATSKNF. I don't think so, as they obviously lack the ability of an icon, an aspiring champion, and a heavy gun. What they do have over them is that in a lot of ways they are cheaper and get some other neat gifts that I think make them a cool choice. The biggest thing with these guys, is that they are really your own scoring Troop choice that is worth wile. I have started to take 3 choices and used the ability of adding a Wolf Guard to help keep them from running when getting tank shocked etc. The normal build out is 5-9 Grey Hunters with one meltagun and one Mark of the Wulfen. Mark of the Wulfen is where it is at and never, ever take the Power fist. A 1 attack guy is not worth 25 points. Just use MoW and get used to making your opponent made when you roll at that 6 and do 3 rends :).

8/10 - I wish they could take a heavy weapon, but hell I can't ask for a hell of a lot more

Blood Claws - We wish we were cheaper - then they would be better

I know everyone is imagining the games where you roll up with Ragnar, roll a ton of attacks and totally bust the crap out of a unit. Then, once you kill everything you are left holding your pour Space Wolf balls and get shot up to bits. The lack of just being good on their own makes them just not worth it. If they were 12 points a pop, I might look at these differently. I just don't like their overall lack of flexibility. Without some kind of leader, they just don't have the ability to pop a tank reliably. Their BS of 3 is also kinda sucky and something I just don't like in an "expensive" troop choice. Just play Grey Hunters as they do all of this and can hit the side of a barn without getting mad and wanting to touch it in the mommy daddy button. And worth talking about is the Lukas upgrade. Besides being a kinda shite model you have an annoying character. I know what they were trying to do rules wise, but not being and Independent character means you can't target him, so in the end, when the squad is all dead then he does something neat. Just not worth the points.

6/10 Blood Claws - Wish they were cheaper
5/10 Lukas - Um just not cool enough in my opinion


Rhino - The same - pretty good - it is a cardboard box - hooray!

Razorback - Will probably make a comeback as the rise of the MC is coming with Nids. I would advise converting Rhinos/Razorbacks. How do you say? You can make ghetto ones like me, that use the one front circle, magnetize it, and then take the havok missile launcher holder and put different guns in there. I have heavy bolters and assault cannons made so far. Most likely a Las/Plas is coming soon. Build smart, build S Mart.

Drop pod - I am just not a fan. The drop pod assault rules really hamper the 3 pod, 3 transport army. I think the model is cool, I just don't think it is a viable option. If you are seeing a heavy drop pod army, sit in reserves, let them fall in and then move on, kill it bit by bit. The lack of ability to move means you basically have given your opponent your battle plans and hoped they can't read too well. Of course putting Dreadnoughts in there is fun and something to "scare" the opponent into stopping their forward push etc.

Alright - that does it with troops on Sunday look for my take on the Fast Attack option. If you know my army for Space Wolves then you know the unit I like a lot. Look for my review on those jerks. Beyond that I need to write my last article for the year for BOLS, work on building some more dudes, and actually finish 2 of my armies :).

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