Monday, December 7, 2009

Woot - won first in both Tournaments this weekend

BFG hosts an end of year tournament for both 40k and Fantasy. I came in around 5th in Fantasy and 3rd in 40k. At the end of it all I won First place for 40k for the tournament and 2nd place for the year. 40k I went 3-0 with all three major wins and in Fantasy I went 2-1. On BOLS the 40k tournament will be talked about so I will go ahead and throw down with some Fantasy thoughts. I've decided to just try to not get so worked up and just went with having fun. The list was built by JWolf who is a much harder Fantasy list builder then I am. I think Fantasy gives more wonky combos that 40k just doesn't have. It also has more random, oh crap I rolled a bunch of 6's things then 40k thus giving the chance for a good batch of rolling to crush the game.

Here is the list I threw down with. If I wanted to change anything is to try and get MoS on my Warshrines, probably drop the one Magic Banner on my Chosen for something else (Maybe the magic blast banner), drop the Lances and see about fitting in the Black Tongue as i have the puppet too. Probably get that by changing the lord a bit and fitting in more "stuff".

Lord: Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4, MoT, Chaos Steed, Glaive of Putrefaction, Bronze Armor of Zharkk, Skull of Katam, Bloodcurdling Roar, Conjoined Homoculous
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, MoT, Chaos Steed, Enchanted Shield, Infernal Puppet,Third Eye of Tzeentch
Hero: Sorcerer, Lvl 2, Chaos Steed, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar, Sophorific Musk
Hero: Exalted Champion, BSB, MoT, Doom Totem, Fury of the Blood God
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Flails
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Flails
Core: Marauder Horsemen 5, Shields, Spears, Throwing Spears
Special: Chaos Knights 5, MoS, Lances
Special: Chosen 14, Hand Weapon/Shield, MoT, Command, Favour of the Gods, Blasted Standard
Rare: Warshrine
Rare: Warshrine

Most likely dropping some of the gifts, getting 2 Dispel Scrolls, Puppet + Tongue on someone and probably the spell Familiar on the lord as I was lucky rolling gateway each time. But oh well - look for new lists with Chariots and other neat random stuff as I get them done. I want to experiment more before Beasts of Chaos comes out. More Goats for the Goat god!

Game 1 - Jeff - Skaven - got first for the year. This was the fight of Gateway versus the dreaded 13th. First turn he moved up, tried to cast it, miscast and I threw Gateway. He scrolled it and he dispel everything I threw during my phase. The Chosen got +1 toughness for their turn and then got +1 Armor and +1 leadership. Next turn, Jeff threw it with some lovely double 6's so the Chosen blew up and then the characters ran away. I basically ran around as he killed everything except for my Lord. Highlight was killing a Hellpit Abomination with 2 marauders and some lucky Flicker fire to keep him dead. Fun game and Jeff is always a great opponent. He did have 2 Hellpits so get used to seeing them throughout the coming months. They are crazy as hell.

Game 2 - Ralph - VC - Ralph was not last for the year and had some terrible luck in his games. I rolled 5,6 for the chosen for their initial roll so they were stubborn jerks. I sat in one place, he charged me with a block of Black Knights into the Chosen and due to some poor luck with chasing down a shrine, he didn't get his Blood Knights in. A good Gateway roll of 6 hits at strength 8 meant the Knights were bloody indeed. From there my knights ran through his troop and I slowly chewed up his Black Knight block due to the lovely 3+ ward save my unit had. The unmarked Sorcerer died pretty quickly but everyone else just chewed through the games. Ralph had a Varg left as he took 3 turns to kill off some Marauders. Full points for me with just some Marauders and a warshrine eating it.

Game 3- Jordan - Daemons with Kairos - Jordan is probably one of the best players in Fantasy in the country. Multiple GT wins and he always brings his A game to any tournament. Beyond that he is a nice guy and even losing to him is great because you learn a hell of a lot in the game. He brought Kairos as he wasn't banned for the tournament and this was a Heavy jerk fest tournament. This game the Chosen rolled double 6's again first turn and Jordan pretty much tried one Gateway Gleam and from there Kairos hide from the block of doom. They were Beast Cowers a bunch, but it didn't matter as they got one movement to get into the center of the table and start playing 40k with the shooting block. Jordan has some terrible luck with his Blood Crushers and Khorne Herald as the MoS Knights too him out when he got the charge. From there I had 2 Marauder Horsemen left, 1 knight, the full block of chosen, 2 Warshrines, and full block of characters. I really wanted to Gleam something neat but Jordan didn't let me have pit dangit heh. I threw gateway like 5 times in this game and never did it hit 11 or 12 for the strength. I guess 9 strength 6 hits isn't too bad right? I won this game due to just having a lot more guys on the table and surviving a lot more wonky stuff.

At the end of the day I took 2nd in the tournament behind Jeff, but since Jeff won for the end of the year I was moved up to First in the tournament (you can't win both). Dylan took second with Dwarves and Jordan took third with his Daemons. Great event run by BFG and I would advise anyone to make it to as many tournaments as you can. I also tied for 3rd overall in the year, which isn't too bad when you look at the fact I just started Fantasy this past year. I played the same army throughout the year and even though I bitch about it, it was a great experience and helped me learn how to play better in any game.

Further plans for WoC is to add in 2 Chariots converted out of Chaos Knights and Corpse Carts to create a cool plastic version. Beyond that is to convert up a Chaos Dragon using the metal jerk chaos dragon, some toy stuff, and probably lots of bloody green stuff hah. Look for that in the upcoming year as well as the upcoming Beastmen army that will be rearing its head.

This weeks painting stuff is

Fully figure out Bike List - Both Hobby and Heavy
Finishing up the command squad for the bike army
Finish Khan model (already done tonight woot!)
2 more Troops for Elysium order
2 Command Squads for Elysium
Build 2 boxes of Storm boyz and start them
Pack and Ship the Space Hulk order
Finishing basing, Clear Coat, and Pack and Ship Typhus order
Ship first order of IG for Luis to Spain

Hopefully I can get 90% of this list done. My work week is kinda wonky with working late and then having to come in super early for training. Watch me come in and just work as others go to training and I get told about it later. Fun fun fun.

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