Monday, December 14, 2009

Goatboy - Paint schedule and other nonsense

Hi there - This has been a busy week with just some crazy work stuff and lots of painting.

So far current list of finished work
20 Storm Boyz
20 Elysiums
1 Mortar from FW

Stuff to finish (I hope)
10 Elysiums (Drop squad)
2 Bikes for 2nd command squad
1 Attack bike
2 Chimeras for Nick

I just shipped off a finished Space Hulk today as well as a Typhus. Beyond that I am looking at a new camera as some of my pics just don't cut it when you look at the final model. So any thoughts on a good camera? Eh? Something not crazy expensive but still good. I am also tempted by an airbrush, but might wait awhile on it. Will see.

Lately a friend called me a Ninja player and I thought about it. He said I play tough all the time and will look for any chink in the armor in which to place my fatal blow etc. I think my game has definitely improved over this last year as well as my aggravation when playing the game and the dice fall into crap territory. I am hoping I can bring this down a bit as I did pretty well during the tournament year and did end up winning the final tournament. So will see if I can back up a bit and find more fun in this damned game. If not I can just keep enjoying painting plastic jerks haha.

Current Space Goats thought list - already going to be doing another Thunder Wolf Squad so this is a way to get that in there.

HQ: Wolflord - Saga of the Bear, Thunder Wolf, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Wolf tail Talisman - 245pts
HQ: Canis - 185pts
HQ: Rune Priest - 100pts
Elites: Wolf Guard (3), Powerfist (2), MoW - 109pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Grey Hunters (5), Meltagun, MoW, Razorback - 135pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
Troops: Fenris Wolves (8) - 64pts
FA: Thunder Wolf Cav (5), PF - 280pts
FA: Thunder Wolf Cav (5), PF - 280pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 5 - 140pts
Heavy: Long Fangs (6), ML 2, HB 3 - 125pts

This sits right at 2000 pts. This is all about the Cav charge with two units that need to be paid attention too, hopefully splitting up the opponents army. The 3 troop squads are just there to help score and maybe pop something as needed. The Razorbacks give me extra heavy bolters to hurt some massed troops. Who knows if it will work, but I will have this list built in a month or so as I get all my extra Juggers created. For Adepticon I might drop the Thunder wolves down to 4 man squads or look at dropping some Long Fangs. I have really been enjoying the LF as they give me a nice anti middle range mech you will see often as the metagame catches up to what is actually good.

The bike army is almost past the collect all the minis phase. I am just waiting on one more Ravenwing Battleforce Box to get all the pieces. Once that is done it is time to get started and finishing up this army. I want it to be my test my skill army, thus the more limited army set as well as a push away from the heavy Meltagun set up you normally see. Plus a ton of flamers is pretty dang sweet.

HQ: Commander, Bike, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield, Digital Weapons - 190pts
Command Squad - Bikes, Meltagun 2, PF 2, Storm Shield 2 - 305pts
HQ: Khan, Moondrakken - 205pts
Command Squad - Bikes, Meltagun 2, PF 2, Storm Shield 2 - 305pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
Troops: Bikes (5), Flamers (2), PF, Attack Bike, MM - 225pts
FA: 2 Land Speeder, MM, Hvy Flamer - 140pts
FA: Land Speeder, Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90pts
FA: Land Speeder, Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90pts

This army is gonna sit in Reserve and just blast in doing its business. Or so I hope haha. Either way, I want to try and push to get that 3+ cover save and hopefully my Land Speeders can do some business behind it all etc. I know I shouldn't put two speeders together, I just had the extra points and the two painted speeders damnit. Who knows if the army will work - it will at least look cool and be extremely fast to play and play against. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!

Also look for a Tyranid test sometime next week. I am excited about the new release and really want to look at building some cool new Nids. I have an old army, that I might pull out, and clean off to repaint. I am not sure yet, as I have to wait and see what the carnifex is going to be like now. Will see.

Some minis to look at. Lots of Elysiums and some random ork stuff thrown in. Fun times.


Sasha Klebnikov said...

Beautiful models! The Thunderwolf list is really nice!

My (minor) experience with bikes is that they are not successful in long term combats. I would drop khan and the second command squad, and go for a TH/SS terminator squad, and maybe an Ironclad Dreadnought in Drop Pod. That way the three combat units all reserve in, and take out the multiple units....The command squads are strong, but often to strong against weak units, and can't pull it against uber power units....

That's my opinion at least!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I agree - as i have played them before. But I want this to be a fully fast army - thus have to drop the TH/SS termies that everyone is so fond of :). The hope is to try and win the game based on controlling who and what can deal with me etc. Cripple the Transports and then turbo boost away and around. Will see - this is a fun army.