Monday, June 28, 2010

Goatboy 40k: Lord I just like playing Space Goats

Do you ever get that with an army? You just like to have all the options and just keep playing it but in different configurations? I think the new 5th edition landscape has really let a lot of armies morph into more then just one set of minis. Hell it keeps me buying stuff, so that is always good. I like to help places stay open so I can play my bullshit army every now and again. Can't be a complete douche in my own house, cuz if I am no one will come and play with me and I will just be all alone with my toys and cheeto stained tshirts.

Current Thought Builds for Space Wolves - Shit should I call this blog Space WOLVES R THE AWEZOME!!!

Wolf Lords HOOO!!!

HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf, Saga of the Warrior, Frost Axe, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Fenris Wolves X 2 - Wolverine
HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf, Saga of the Bear, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Fenris Wolves X 2 - Captain America
HQ: Wolflord, Thunder Wolf, Saga of the Beast Slayer, Powerfist, Storm Shield, Runic ARmor, Fenris Wolves X 2 - Iron Man
Troops: Grey Hunters X 10, Meltagun X 2, Power Weapon, Mark of the Wolfen, Rhino
Troops: Grey Hunters X 10, Meltagun X 2, Power Weapon, Mark of the Wolfen, Rhino
Troops: Grey Hunters X 10, Flamer X 2, Power Weapon, Mark of the Wolfen, Rhino
Troops: Grey Hunters X 10, Plasma Gun X 2, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Mark of the Wolfen, Rhino
Heavy: Long Fangs X 6, Missile Launcher X 5
Heavy: Long Fangs X 6, Missile Launcher X 5

Lots of guys - no dogs to hide lords in, because they are running by themselves. You want to waste shots on one guy, go for it. They will be spread out and ready to go beat the shit out of stuff. the more I think about it, putting them all in one basket just leaves them open to getting hurts by massed fire. Leaving them one at a time, means you have to put serious damage on them to get rid of them, no longer just putting a few shots on them etc. I could drop one Grey Hunter squad to get another, but think the 4 10 man squads should do some good. Plus, they are set up that if they get out, they will always be a threat to anything coming at them. And of course 10 missiles are always good.

Again, this isn't a fun list, as it is spam heavy on what is in there for super assault stuff. You could always drop the plasma squad, get some Elite Thunder Wolf Iron priests and have some serious crazy assault stuff.

Now some BA love - something I might be playing for a heavy. I am really hating 5 man assault squads, as once they get out of their expensive ride they are easy to kill and get rid of. I just don't think playing for the Alpha strike is a particular fun way to play this game and find armies that do this to be rather, well one dimensional and bad for the game as a whole. When I saw that allies were taken out, I was happy as it made players play their actual codexes, but with the GW ruling that allows it, it just makes me a sad panda. Oh well - it will change at some point.

Anyway onto BA. This is a mish mash list with Sanguinor in it. I don't know it is truly good, but it lets me play with the stuff I like. Fast Vehicles and a flying Iron Goatman of death.

HQ: Sanguinor
HQ: Honor Guard X 5, Flamers X 3, Meltagun, Jump Packs (wings)
Elites: Furioso Librarian Dreadnought, Wings, Shield
Troops: Assault Squad X 10, Meltagun X 2, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops: Assault Squad X 10, Flamer X 2, Power Weapon, Rhino
Troops: Assault Squad X 10, Meltagun X 2, Power Weapon
FA: Baal Predator
FA: Baal Predator
FA: Baal Predator
Heavy: Vindicator, Siege Shield
Heavy: Vindicator, Siege Shield

This is a mish mash list that should do alright. You got a lot of troops, can deep strike stuff and have vehicles all over. I still believe in go 12 or go home for BA, and think sponsons are for silly people. Yeah I know, I can go 6 and shoot stuff, but come on really, if you go six and some of the new super fast assault units in the game can now hit you on 4's and probably swamp all your vehicles is just something I don't want to lose too. Plus all those 60 points add up and can get you another vehicle. Target saturation is goods.

I don't know, I am hoping some of the new books will be more exciting. Fantasy is not making me want to build new armies as the horde rule is looking like it is going to kill my wallet. The termite BS mixed with just cash flow issues overall (less OT, changes to pay scale at work, etc) means I just don't have the extra money right now. I am hoping next month changes but I have a feeling I won't feel the load lighten till my wife pays off her car. Oh well. It will all be good and it just means I need not eat out as much and try to be smart about my money decisions. Lucky for me, I have bought all the techno toys I want so far this year (Iphone, Laptop, etc) so I don't forsee anything crazy going on (Knock on wood, without any termites in there). I just need to make sure I have fun for Vegas GT next year.

Also, if you want art now is the time. $25 dollars gets you a full color image like the ones below, so come on and get some customer drawings of whatever you want. Also miniature painting is up as usual too hah.


Chumbalaya said...

SW list looks hilarious.

BA list looks fun apart from the Vindies. Dropping S10 pie plates on your own dudes isn't so cool. AC/LC Preds or Dakka Dreads would help bust up mech from afar so you can go munch on them.

Terminus Est said...

Here are my thoughts on the list. Note that I started off playing the new codex going mech since that's mostly what I have that is currently painted.

A unit of 7-8 assault Marines with furious charge & FNP are a lot better than a full squad with 2 meltaguns. My 1st suggestion is to drop the Honorguard and use the points for a couple of priests with power weapons. Now you have two units that have both a WS5 power weapon and a power fist. If there enough points left after dropping the Honorguard you can take a pair of infernus pistols as well.

• I would drop the dreadnaught. I know they are really cool but still all it takes is one melta shot. I think dreadnaughts in general work best when you field 2-3. I would probably swap him out for a Librarian (Unleash Rage & Sanguine Sword). You'll still have some points left over. He should obviously ride with a squad of assault Marines with one of the 2 priests.

• If it were me I'd seriously consider replacing the Sanguinor with Captain Tycho. It will save you lots of points plus Captain Tycho is more better now than ever. 5ed Tycho is best Tycho. That said I have seen your Goat Sanguinor and can appreciate you want to use that awesome model!

Those are really my only suggestions. I like the Vindis & Baals. You have a highly mobile army that has some strong ranged shooting plus you also have a solid core of close combat specialists.

Happy hunting !

PS (I agree with your sentiments regarding the current situation with Daemon Hunters & allies. I think it would have been better for everyone if GW had just stuck with the original decision to eliminate allies.)

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Vindies work pretty well, as siege shield is under utilized by a lot of people. I can't tell you how many games I have won, going 18 and contesting an objective :).

I do think drop the guard and going priests might just work out better as I am obviously troop heavy. It might also help that it will let me do some nonsense with the assault.

BA just feel like a glass jaw in assault a lot of the time, so pushing the first "punch" to a higher level might work.

The dreadnought is there to help give cover around, if I drop him, I might look at another troop squad to really push a super troop assault option. I am just enjoying more and more troops lately and have found just having more guys lets me play a bit ballsy and still come out ahead.

The SW list is just all about swarming you with warm bodies and threats. I have just thought more and more that single wolf lords, not joined up are just good. Since the dogs are wargear, losing them to wounds means you won't take a leadership test when they get shot at, thus keeping you safe from Battle Squads and other nonsense. I could go with majesty on one of them so people can reroll but will see as I goof around with it more.

Real G said...


Shouldn't Wolverine have two Wolf Claws? And Captain America the Powerfist? Skip Iron Man and call the thirs one Thor since that movie is coming out in 2011.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Thor now goes by the name Arjac.

Thomas, I too am having a blast with th SWs. My IG haven't seen any play since the week prior to Adepticon....and the Blood B!^$%&s can SUCKIT! AHHHRRROOOOO!!!

TheKing Elessar said...

I get what you mean. Recently I've been more interested in converting my Orks to have Power Armour and then I can play Bloody Boyz wiv Rokkit Pakz, or I can turn them into Snarly Boyz wiv Wulves and dat.

I get all the fun of Orkiness, but also the fun of Wolves/BA - without the expense! Thunderboar Cav FTW!

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I agree - it is just I don't like a lot of the designs for the basic armies. I am just not a fan and right now, if i can't convert it to something that fits my style then I don't want to play it hehe. I think the only clean lined army I like is Tau but I don't have teh mind set to really play them haha.

Terminus Est said...

I have never played an alien army except for a brief run with Necrons. Gotta love hte power armor.


TheKing Elessar said...

GBF, you play Deamons.