Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goatboy 40k Fun times

Tournament - I went 1 - 1 - 1 kinda. The draw was a draw but the other player got a bit more. I rolled pretty bad when a trukk boy squad assaulted a 9 Man Grey Hunter and I only killed 3 in the counter assault and then lost all of them to failed armor saves!! Yay.

Basic game breakdown.

Game 1 - Colby w/IG - Nice IG list beyond the Allies. He still hated my dice so we were even. I got there after he shot his army at the bike squad. Chomp chomp chomp. He had a Chimera left. Full points for me. Colby is a cool dude and he lived in Austin for a bit as he went to school and cut his teeth playing us jerks at BFG. Good guy and great to see him.

Game 2 - Jon Willingham - Space Wolves - Drop pod list - he beat me up as the dice went south on me in the end. I should have just fully reserved and then dealt with them. This is why my new Boyz list is different. I went with something new for my Space Goats. Good game, Jon is a cool guy even though he has beaten me twice. At least this was a game unlike the last one where I failed all my armor saves on my Super Goat Riders in one round of storm bolter fire. Jon won the Tournament too.

Game 3 - Russell with unorthodox orks. Russell is another guy who comes down with David Light to Austin to kick some ass. He wanted to get some revenge on the nonsense I did to him with Mephtison the last time I played him. He will be more then happy to talk about it. We both had funky dice rolling - I chased off Ghaz and friends with bikers and killed them, Grey Hunters sucked versus orks! - and overall a good fun game as it is always a blast playing Russell. I like to give him shit because I considered him a cool guy to hang out with. Russell got third.

Jon Wolf and Nick both lost their last games to get knocked out with Jon on the top table versus Jon Willingham and Nick versus Jay and his Blood Angels that loved Astrogoth making them pissed off. Overall I like the missions hated the terrain on the table. In fact I played two games on a table with almost no terrain. It was like I was playing an IG players wet dream. Here is hoping a new store does open with kick ass terrain in the future.

I will post my new Space Goats list after The Boyz Deadline of the 30th of October. I already submitted it and painted up all the pieces because I am a painting machine of doom. But it is different and hopefully interesting to play against and with. The basic core is still there, bikes of doom, but I went with some different thoughts on deployment and how I can interact with whatever is thrown at me. Oh and no Long Fangs! Gasp!!!

I did some paint testing on Dark Eldar stuff - Made a Webway Portal as well as the first Grotesques. I finished the next 2 so I have 4 total now. I need to find another or figure out something that looks enough like the other two to see what is up. Or I just run 4 and say eff it.

Current Paint projects for this week - Started on Sunday
4 Grotesques - Completed
1 Webway Portal - Completed
2 Khador Figures of the same guy but different clients - Completed
5 RPG Figures - Completed
4 SG Scouts - Completed
1 SG Goat Guard - Completed
1 FW/Regular IG Conversion - Completed
1 Bezerker Khador - In Box looking at me mad
1 Drago Khador - In box pissed as hell that he is too fat
1 Vlad - In Packet looking at me mad
5 RPG FIgures - In Packet saying that I am fat
1 Skarlock - For me! heh
Magnetic Tray Paint Goat/Chaos Symbol On - Laying on floor saying mean things about my pinky toes.
Chapter House Build/Test Tervigon - Need to find a Carnifex and then I paint the jerk
And probably some other random stuff - maybe a Soul Grinder for Bushido Red Panda to match the other two I painted.

And who the hell knows what else. I might have some art to do in there too :). Either way fun times for the Goatboy. I likes to paint!


Aventine said...

What about one based off the rat ogre that rings the screaming bell? I bet you have one of those floating around...

Aventine said...

What about a grotesque based off the rat ogre from the screaming bell? I bet you have one floating around...

Loquacious said...

Tournaments are weird, and when the dice hate you, tough nutz for you.

I love painting also- I'm just not as good.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Oh yeah I totally forgot about that. I think I have one somewhere, I just have to look :). That way I get the final 5th one that looks different.

And yeah if dice hate you dice hate you :).

Unknown said...

Thanks for coming to Houston, Thomas. Glad you had a good time!