Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goatboy - It is my Friday!

Woohoo - it is my Friday at work! - I do 4 10 hours days so I have long work days but 3 days to myself. So I get a full Warhammer 40k day to goof off and throw dice or build models. My wife is still out of town so I will have another day or two to get ahead on the commission side of things. This week has been pretty sweet. Here is what is done so far since Saturday.

World Eaters
Long Fangs - Done
Wolf Scouts - Done tonight

Dark Eldar
9 Wyches Done - base building is next

Mantic Games thingie for BOLS - DONE!
Manowar - DONE!

CSM 10 - DONE!
CSM Sorc - DONE!

Reavers - Done!
Haemonculus - Done!

Tervigon - BUILT
Vampire - BUILT

So right now I plan on doing some more stuff - finish another batch of Long Fangs so that the only thing left is Grey Hunters, Dogs, and a Rhino to finish off that army. I need to build some Nid stuff too and then life will be peachy.

I am hoping everyone brings my orks back so I can get a Battle Report this weekend. People have been asking about orks and as I am one of the guys that has a fully painted ork horde it is up to me to provide some green skins to die to whatever I am up against.

I plan on formulating some speed painting articles soon - so those will pop up. Man I can't wait for the Storm Raven so I can finally play some Raven Goat Angels. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!

Some minis to look at too -


Venerable Brother said...

Dude - bring on those speed painting articles...the Goat just flies through these models!

School me Goat, school me!

Great models as always man... Would love to see some kind of have a very unique style man!

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

It's my Friday, too. See you on the tabletop tomorrow. Zulu Dawn baby!

Terminus Est said...

Wow I'm living those reavers and the Black Legion !!! Awesome-O !!!