Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Goatboy's 40k Stuff - Dark Eldar Thoughts?

I am going to play something that is more foot orientated. I think it will give me a different sense or play and hopefully ruin all the other players long range fire support as I don't have much of the vehicles on the table top. So so I think. So without further thoughts here is my first list.

HQ: Baron Sathonyx - 105pts
HQ: Haemonculus X 2, Webway Portal X 2 - 170pts
Elites: Hekatrix Bloodbrides X 9, Haywire Grenades, Hydra Gauntlets X 3, Syren, Agoniser - 196pts
Elites: Trueborn X 3, Blaster X 3 - 81pts
Elites: Trueborn X 3, Blaster X 3 - 81pts
Troops: Hellions X 15, Helliarch, Agoniser, Phantasm Grenade Launcher - 285pts
Troops: Kabalite Warriors X 20, Dark Lance X 2, Sybarite - 240pts
Troops: Kabalite Warriors X 20, Dark Lance X 2, Sybarite - 240pts
Troops: Kabalite Warriors x 5, Blaster, Sybarite, Blast Pistol, Venom, TWL VC - 150pts
Troops: Kabalite Warriors x 5, Blaster, Sybarite, Blast Pistol, Venom, TWL VC - 150pts
Troops: Kabalite Warriors x 5, Blaster, Sybarite, Blast Pistol, Venom, TWL VC - 150pts

1848pts right there on the dot.

So it is a webway army - with lots of goofy options that come out. The two warrior blobs start on the table - and everything else is set up to do some surprise attacks out of the portal depending on where it is needed. The small 3 man Trueborn squads are sacrificial units as the Venoms are just fast moving annoyances that help me pile on the anti troop firepower that is needed.

Will this army work? Who the hell knows. It just feels kinda neat and fun. I get to paint lots of cool guys, get to use some neat bits and hopefully have a cool looking army. Now i just need to get a ton more warriors.

If the Blood Brides work meh - I can switch to some Incubi too if needed or change it up etc. Drop the Hellions and tweak it out a bit too. Still - barely any raiders/other nonsense means Missiles are just not nearly as good :).


And some models - doing a Dark Eldar Army for a local guy so my army will be on a slow build till I finish it out. But I am doing 2 or so units a week - so the other army will probably be done in 2 or so weeks.

The World Eaters just has a rhino and 4 dogs left. Plus a display board - but that will be fun to do. Ice nids are almost done and look for some more CSM stuff and some other neat bits coming in the next few weeks :).


Real G said...

If you're starting the two big Warrior blobs on the board and drop the Hellions then you're going to have just... the Trueborn and Bloodbrides coming out?

Why not the other way around? A small darklance squad starting on the board and two huge dual splintercanon squads coming out of the webway portal?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

And Hellions - as the Baron can attach to them and they can come out of the portal.

The big fat squads let me have a great starting base that if anyone comes near - they can get poisoned to death. They are also large enough that if someone wants to get cheeky and wolf scout, vanguard, etc me I can have a chance to do some damage as my Initiative is higher etc.

The big squads just help me as their ML are just not nearly as good.

I could drop one Venom to have a splinter squad coming out - which is a thought I have too - I just like Venoms :). And in reality I don't need as many blasters so I could drop one to create another anti infantry unit. I have though about a big batch of Wyches too.

Unknown said...

baron has phantasms already. Beastmasters > brides from portal.

Read razorwing flocks. Then look at point cost. Then read again. Look at point cost once more. If they are not in your list at this point an error has occurred.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

No grenades, no models - T3 - and rending is just not nearly as good as you want it to be. They get stuck in, don't roll the rends they get torn to pieces without any inv save - to create the unit you have to dump a lot of points that will have issues dealing with Mech.

The blood brides can hurt mech - can keep a unit stuck - and be annoying. I think Beastmasters are going to be interesting, I just don't think the math helps them out a lot. Plus the lack of "real" models is very annoying too.

Terminus Est said...

White wyche suits look hot !! Moar please.


Brent said...

Hey Goat, whatever happened to the Da Boyz GT videos?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Commissions - let me look at them today as I am taking a bit of a break.