Friday, December 31, 2010

Woohoo - Start the paint week

This last week was kinda bunk with just holiday, wife bday, and just taking a break. I got a ton of art to do this week as well as minis, so the plan is to get a ton of stuff done. Woot. So I want to write out the paint week I plan on having.

I started today again - as I had some random time as I hung out with my hung over wifie. She had a birthday yesterday and I am sitting at home hearing all the fireworks go off around me. It can be fun to live somewhat outside the city limits. But my huge dog is not happy hah.

Paint week plans!!

Chris C - White Dark Eldar you have been seeing instead of mine - Almost done.
Raider # 4 - Finished it today
Venom # 1 - Finished it today
5 Incubi - Finished today
Ravager #1 - getting it tomorrow
Ravager #2 - getting it tomorrow

Jens - CSM
3 Juggernaut Riders - Built and waiting to get primed

Patrick W
4 D&D figures - Based and built waiting to get primed
1 Drider - Based and waiting to get primed

Luis P
5 Necromunda - Hoping to get time to do these too

4 Swiftclaw/Horse riders - For my new project. It would be neat to have the squad done
1 WG Horse Rider - Finish the first squad :).

So that is it - I am playing the 3 Land Raider list from BOLS this weekend so will see how it goes. In a week or two I plan on doing my big order to get the rest of my DE and all the pieces to my Word Bearers design. I tweaked the list to create more Daemon looking things in it so it might actually be good. I don't know if I will play it a bit and then sell it so will see.

Oh yeah happy new year!!! BAD ASS!!! This year will rock for sure!


Terminus Est said...

Happy new year Thomas !!


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

You too man - you too. I got some thoughts on the Storm Raven army you posted but I think that is close to where it needs to be at :).

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Hey what the hell is your cat doing on Kingsley's back.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!