Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goatboy's other 40k Nonsense!

So this weekend I played in a tournament at the local game store. I got in second with the Ork army I posted on Bols. I will be doing a write up there about it as I feel I could use some changes to help things out. It did alright - with two board wipes and a draw with another Ork army. So all in all good times. I do think I need to work on some orks - with Tankbusta boyz looking to make a come back as I feel I need something with more mobility. I also want to do some Burna boyz so I need to go through all my stuff and probably buy some burna bits to convert out a ton of guys who go around and say - so yeah I hit 5 with that template - lets make that 50 :).

So as usual let me write out what I want to paint as this is my beginning of the week. Well Friday is actually it - but I am writing it tonight :).

Ice Nids
Gargoyles X 10 - Built and Primed - bases primed too

World Eaters - Will probably just get the models done
Grey Hunters X 9 + Wolf Guard - Built and Primed
Rhino - On a sprue!
4 Dogs - Waiting to get them
Magnet all the bases - I got magnets!
Create the Display Board - I got the Board!

Chris C's Dark Eldar
10 Wyches - Done!
10 Wyches - In my Box ready to go

Jen's CSM
Jugger Lord on Plastic Jugger - in Sprue!

Fritz's Mordhiem
Dwarves - In a box
Witch Hunter Guys - In a box

Art for new Project!
And my stuff - Hellions!

That should cover it - the week after that starts my build out of Necromunda stuff for the Spain client as well as the Reaver Titan as I should get the finished build later on this week. I will be pretty busy for the next few weeks so will see what I can get done. Or so that is my hope. Tomorrow I want to get the World Eaters Grey Hunters done and the Gargoyles. Their schemes are easy and if I can bust out those two I will feel like I should be "ahead" enough for the week after.

I still want to get some more 40k art done as I got a itch to get some drawing done. So hopefully that will be coming up for people to check out. I am still also thinking of my Dark Eldar so look for more lists then too.

I can't wait for that Storm Raven as it will mean some Goat Angels will get played versus those damned dirty Space Goats :) - I got some ideas that go against the grain that a lot of players think of so maybe my version will work. If not I will at least have some fun with goofy units :).

Beyond speed painting articles any thoughts on armies? I play Marines, CSM, Orks, Dark Eldar, and have some Nid ideas as usual? So comment away.


Terminus Est said...

Hey Thomas you're gonna have lots of fun with the new Stormraven. It's a real blast to play. :D


Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I think it will help the army tremendously. I need to draw up a goat chick to put on the sides of them though :) - decals all the way :).