Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goatboy - Paint Update and List

List of stuff I want to paint this week. I started today etc, so onto what I want to paint.

World Eaters -
Display Board - Built/Primed - should finish this week
4 Dogs - Finished them today woot - army fully painted!

Khador left over
Guard Dog - Forgot this one - found it and painted it - Woohoo DONE SON!

Chris C Dark Eldar
10 Wyches - Primed
10 Warriors - Primed

Luis P - The Necromunda Begin!
5 Slave Gang guys - Primed!
5 more maybe? - In boxes!

Build some Mordhiem guys - maybe paint

Dark Eldar Me
5 Hellion Test/Model Review - Done SON!!
5 more Blood Brides - On sprue
3 more Trueborn - On Sprue
1 Baron Model - Got a cool idea - hopefully it will look cool

Jens - CSM
Juggerlord - Done!!!
5 Juggernauts - On Sprue

This is what I want to get done before the end of the week. Will see if they get touched as I am looking at wanting to finish some things up to ship etc. The Dark Eldar for Chris will get done. I think this week will be another - get some business done sort of week. I also want to draw a 40k thing or two also. So fun times.

Now to think of lists I want to play with. I need to do something different with my Space Goats as my own Dark Eldar will take a bit to get together. Blargh!! Played a game with Darkwynn and was about to give up but almost pulled it out. If VP were around I would have won it that way. Either way I just felt like I had no faith in my army list and I need to get something together. Something damnit!! Plus I need to build more dudes so I can always be painting hahah.

Pics of models that were done above.


Darkwynn said...

That is just because your a casual player :P

Darkwynn said...

That is because your casual player

Terminus Est said...

WOW !!! That's yer best juggernaught yet !!!