Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goatboy's 40k Extra - WOOHOO I make people mad.

Well if you are a BOLS reader you know I kicked someone's puppy, took their parking spot, and probably peed in some cheerios. It is pretty interesting and I wonder if they hate the Wolves dex more then they hate the army. At least I got a of it looks good :). I guess people just hate people playing "Chaos" Wolves. So in order to take away the whole Word Bearers vibe the army is now called - THE GRAMMAR WOLVES!!! - Keeping grammar safe through out the galaxy - bearing words and making sure the dull point of prose of sharp and aggressive!

It is pretty interesting to see that even though the army is fully painted - wyswig - and within the rules of the game it still makes people mad. Oh well. I will play it - have a good time with opponents as they beat up on my little ponies and have a good time. You would think people would be happy I am not all about Goat this and Goat that. I do plan on painting Grey Knights as Grey Knights. I like the design so I am all about it. Shit isn't this game about having fun?

I keep getting more and more excited about the UK trip for Geek Nation Tours. I am bringing along my awesome wife so she can experience Britain. Lucky for us Teras is going to be doing some tour stuff for her that fits within the gaming tour. So if you are thinking of going and have a wife, girlfriend, etc that wants to go to Britain - see a lot of cool stuff - but the gaming thing might not be up their alley - Teras can set something up for ya. It should be an awesome time and I can't wait to get overseas to have people kick my Hot Dog, Apple Pie, and Gas Guzzling SUV butt all over the place.

I am going to do some interviews on BOLS with the tour from past tour peeps. It should be fun and a lot of them are going again - which is pretty awesome as they obviously had a blast. Woohoo!!! This is gonna be fun.

Alright - here is the final Grammar Wolves list - 1850 points - lean and mean

HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike, Meltabombs
HQ: Wolf Priest, Bike
HQ: Wolf Priest, Saga of the Hunter
HQ: Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Bike, Powerfist, Storm Shield
Elites: WG X 5
WG 1 - Power Armor, Bike, Powerfist, Combi-Melta - 1
WG 2 - Power Armor, Powerfist, Combi-Melta - 2
WG 3 - Power Armor, Powerfist, Combi-Plasma - 1
WG 4 - Terminator Armor, CML
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Meltagun, Razorback, TWL Plasma/Lascannon
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Meltagun, Razorback, TWL Plasma/Lascannon
Troops: Grey Hunters X 5, Flamer, Razorback, TWL Lascannon
Troops: Grey Hunters X 8, Plasmagun, Plasma Pistol, MoW, Wolf Standard, Rhino
FA: Swiftclaws X 5, Meltagun, Power Weapon, Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
Heavy: Long Fangs X 6, ML X 5

1840 on the nose. I could add something else I am sure but this is it for now. The rhino squad will be neat as a super plasma squad of doom. Of course I have to do some small tweaks but the army will be on display this Thursday for some games. Maybe I will get lucky to get a Battle Report for BOLS out of it. Just some small weapon swap tweaks which I can easily do even in the evil cold weather we are having right now. I think I have one more dude men to paint too. I messed up initial Army Builder build - so I have to do some tweaks. No Wolf Scouts as people got mad at Dryads on circle bases - but they are done and I can use them later if need be. Woohoo!!!

Man it is cold as hell - went from 65 - 25 in a few hours - you got to love Texas right. Means I don't get to do as much painting - so I will just catch up on Art stuff :). Which is always good.

Miniatures to look at too!!


Grizzly Adams said...

Don't Sweat it, Everyone's favorite barn yard companion. some people just have to hate, i mean its the internet, if i wrote on my blog about how the sky was blue, i would immediately get 5 replys about how i should be more considerate for the blind who can't see the sky, or somebody would say "that's more of a Cyan than a straight blue you idiot!" or things of that nature.

At the end of the day, you have a WYSISYG army that you are playing out of a legal codex. Just cause your "Word Bearers/Grammar Wolves don't have elongated canines or lick themselves doesn't mean that you are doing it wrong. People just get too upset over nothin, and assume that just cause it is typed and not spoken, they aren't being quite as assholeish by saying it.

TJ Atwell said...

Don't listen to the haters. I have found that the majority of the folks commenting on my blog like counts as or don't mind it.

I think you just have a vocal minority on your recent posts. The bottom line is that nobody can tell you what to do with your time, money or minis. The game is about fun and as another counts-as guy, I understand the need to try new thinks after running the same codex for so long, especially when the only REAL difference is some spiky parts.

Nice work on the razor, I didn't even recognise it as the grey one until I looked closely!

Kevinmcd28 said...

Hey Tommy Boy those are some pretty sweet models, needs more goats....shouldve had the lord riding a goat.....first
<3 BAALS-2-the-WAALS

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

I try not too - and most of the time if you met me you would see how i am a goofy bastard. And now the Grammar Wolves are born haha.

I went to Target and they had a dollar pile of farm animals but no damned goats. i was going to buy one, paint it and then create my Goat Mascot of doom to be on the table top. Bastards at Target!! Get WHAT I WANT!!!

Unknown said...

Well, I think it's a wonderfull army, well painted and well represented. It's really nice and you should going on with the Dryads in round bases, they are cool.

Sorry about my English.

I'm following the army development and I'm very interested in it.

Wildhermit said...

I read the list and had not problems with your theme. I have had similar thoughts about all the pull of chaos and I do not even own a chaos army. When I read the wolf codex I imagine chaos warriors. They may have not fallen to the dark gods, but most of the chaos forces did not chose that path either... It just happened.

I suppose you do not need me to say ignore the naysayers as you have been around long enough to know better. Always helps to hear/read encouraging words though... so here you are.

Gmorts Chaotica said...

I have my own chapter affectionately known as 'The Night Reapers', complete with it's own colour scheme, background and markings and it's 'counted as' Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and on one occasion Black Templars.
A guy with a bolter is a guy with a bolter and it always says what codex I'm using clearly on my Army List.
I've been to 50+ tournaments with various aspects of it and had no problems at all.
People need to except the creative part of the hobby requires some flexibility.
I even wrote an article on it.....

Pariah Stevo said...

Grammar Wolves. Very nice, you witty bass terd! Now we can get past this 'count as' nonsense and get to the real issue: People simply don't like you playing wolves. If you were using them as Vanilla Marines, no one would care. Wolves have simply become the new "Leaf-blower" and people call shinnanigans every time they show up. Keep doing what you do. Just because the baby seals don't know better than to dodge your club doesn't mean you should swing a different direction. I think your world bears army is a noble project and looks great.

Drew said...

I'm highly entertained by the name "Grammar Wolves". Mainly because I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi myself.

Unknown said...

Personally I'm surprised you paint so well seeing you're color blind. Good for you overcoming adversity and all.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

You can always use the goat as your Chooser of the slain ^^,

I wrote you a song. Well, re-wrote it. It is more about them than you. When I first heard the saying 'haters gonna hate' [I am an Aussie and that is not what we'd say] I laughed out loud. It just seemed so daft. The more time I spent on the Net, the more I realise that people are *really* narrow minded. I thought fantasy things were about creativity? Funnily enough it seems those holding fluff as sacred who are the biggest bullies and hold the elitist views. Yet they always bang on about how 'rich and diverse' 40K is. Lol.

Anyway, here it is.

"[They get] Hung Up
(Time goes by so slowly for those who hate)

"Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly

Every little thing Goatboy says or does
They'll get hung up
They're hung up on him
Waiting for his posts
Goaty night and day
They're fed up
They're tired of waiting on him

Time goes by so slowly for those who lurk
No time to hesitate
Those who blog seem to have all the fun
They're caught up
They don't know what to do

Time goes by so slowly
Time goes by so slowly
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They don't know what to do

Every little thing that he posts or paints
They're hung up
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Every little thing that he comments or likes
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Waiting for his call
Goaty night and day
They're fed up
They're tired of waiting on him

Troll troll troll goes the troll alone
The lights are on but there's no-one home
Flame flame flame it's a quarter to two
And they're not done
They'll be hanging it on Goatboy

They can't keep on waiting for him
I know that they're still hesitating
Don't cry for Goaty
'cause he has found his way
Hopefully they'll wake up one day
but it'll be too late....?

Every little thing that he video batreps
They're hung up
They're hung up on him
Waiting for his Space Goats
Goaty night and day
They're fed up
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Every little thing that he says or does
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Waiting for his posts
Goaty night and day
They're fed up
They're tired of waiting on him

Terminus Est said...

It's pretty silly what people have to say at times like these. I just wish there were more beautiful armies out there like yer Grammar Wolves. I wouldn't sweat it - they are most awesome indeed.


TheKing Elessar said...

I always find it hilarious.

I just wish I had internet in my house already so I could have replied to more of their nonsense!

Army looks good, it's cool - do whatever you want, because I would rather have one Goatboy in the Hobby than all the people who hate on Counts As.

Crosser Modelling said...

The speed you pop out pretty models is impressive. Counts as is awesome, so long as its easy to keep track of what counts as what I don't see anyone can complain. Although I can see why non-power armour players get upset they don't have a bunch of great dexes to counts as.

Its a shame GW doesn't just do what it did with the dark elves book last edition of fantasy and amend it because it sucked: dropped points costs, changed some armour up to heavy and fixed some rules such as witches immunity to their own frenzy. Either you could buy the new book or just scrawl in the changes to your old one.

If they just dropped transport's costs for a few armies; notably eldar and tau, dropped troop costs; notably necron warriors, it would stop SO many complaints. FAQ's don't go far enough!

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on how the bike unit performs and hearing you yell 'Grammer That!' or similar at people.

Student Teacher said...

What I think is funny, is that I am pretty much the opposite of you. Painting takes me forever, and while I do enjoy it, I have been working on re-vamping my 3rd ed. Space Pups since the codex came out.

So what do I do? I play Blue Blood Angles, and Blue Templars, and Dark Blue Angles, and The Other Blue Ultramarines all with my Space Wolf army. I make sure that everything is wysiwyg, but I'm sure that if I posted that on BoLS, there would be some hating about that too.

Although less than for you because I am sure some people have a form typed up where they just fill in what topic you are talking about and say that it is dumb and WAAC.

I've played you a couple of times at the old BFG and you've seemed anything but WAAC, but what do I know...

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Thanks for all the comments. I do think at times it is just people hating on Goatboy because it is easy :). But oh well - as long as we all have fun right?

Unknown said...

Nice list and really nice conversions! I can't understand... why so many people find is upset by tour choice?!? The army is legal? YES. Is WYSIWYG? YES. So why bother?!!

I know this is not the right thread but as you wrote also about the list you will use.. what do you think of a 2000pt list with: Wolf lord, wolf priest and 5 wolf guards on bike, 4x10 grey hunters on rhino 2x6 long fangs. What would you add?

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

Crap - not sure what else - you could look at Wolf Scouts to help you out. Or razorz for the long fangs to help hide them with walls.

There are a lot of options. I just think the WG might just cost too much and you get almost as much with just Swift claws.

You could look at Land Speeders too as you could use more Melta.

Drkmorals said...

LOL can't believe you caved in and renamed your army.. its almost as silly as the fact that renaming it will make people less angry.(which I bet it will lmao)